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  1. Yeah I agree! Once I get this figured out Im going to clean the bildge/inners as best I can. Kind of inherited this situation unfortunately..
  2. Yeah it’s under the console pretty much and goes about 2 feet towards the bow under the floor.
  3. Is this hatch accessible for everybody? Mine is completely sealed shut almost like they fiberglassed over top of the screws...? If so I’m going to cut it open that way I can look at the front of the tank
  4. Oh yeah the bildge smells pretty strong. I might end up taking it to a shop next week see if they can put a camera down there.
  5. Ran it today, now the “liquid” sitting in the Bildge is clear like gasoline. I checked everything I physically could get eyes and/or fingers on and couldn’t find a leak. Not sure what else to do other than take it somewhere and have them put a camera or something down there.
  6. Yes I did batch mix this go around just because I was in the break in stage of the motor, but even then it looks really dark to me. It hasn't grown overnight, so I'm a little stumped..
  7. Hi all anybody ever have this issue with what looks like oil in the Bildge coming from the tank/console area? I have a 2 stroke 90, but not sure where it could be coming from other than the tank, but it looks too dark to be fuel..? Idk, any help/recommendations would be great. Thank you!
  8. Hey guys. I just rewired my nav lights in my 2000 Bayfisher, but now need to tidy up and conceal the wire in the anchor locker so the anchor line doesn’t interfere with it. I think it was previously zipped up on the underside of the deck, but not sure how I can redo that. any ideas now to do this? Should I just silicone them to the top and call it a day?
  9. Hey guys, looking for some insight. Just purchased my 2000 Bayfisher and seems like it’s taking on some water in the bildge. I’ve only ran it a few times, so still diagnosing but any ideas what it could be for those with similar boats? I’ve heard it could be the clamshell drains, so I’ll check that. One major question, and maybe a dumb one, but I have what looks like an old access hatch or something on the bottom Of the hull. Pictures attached. It’s pretty sealed up but wondering if that’s standard? I don’t see why it would be but want to cross it off the list if so.
  10. jjharrity

    Prop Recommendations

    Hi All, I recently purchased a 2000 Hewes Bayfisher with a rebuilt Yamaha 90 2 stroke. Love it so far overall, wondering what prop you guys with similar setups run and why you like it. Efficiency, speed, everyone has their reasons. I currently have a 4 blade that came with it, but noticed some cavitation last night while making turns. Wondering if I should go down to a 3 blade.
  11. Hey guys, any help would be greatly appreciated.. How the hell do I remove the helm? My steering is fine, but the wheel itself it a little wobbly at the connection and it bugs the crap out of me. Thanks in advance! IMG_9792.MOV
  12. jjharrity

    WTB Hewes 16 Redfisher

    Anybody looking to part ways with a Hewes 16 Redfisher?
  13. jjharrity

    2016 Maverick 17 HPXV for sale

    This guy said it's been sold fyi.
  14. jjharrity

    2002 Maverick HPX-T 17

    Hi there is this still available??
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