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  1. DavidG

    Best friend

    Mdemott, What most people don’t realize is that dog food is not regulated by the FDA or any agency. Purina had a major undercover investigation that ended up on TV which was extremely unbelievable. I urge everyone who owns a 4 legged family member to research what their actually feeding them. Ask your vet what they would recommend!......David
  2. DavidG

    Trolling Motor

    Ryan, you might want to reach out to Mark at Atlantic Coast Marine in Jax Fl. He can work wonders!.....David
  3. DavidG

    Best friend

    Capt Troy, I can never replace Hunter as he was one of a kind. As I love Dogs more then people, I put a deposit on another Golden pup in North Carolina that hasn’t even been born yet. He will be ready end of July, 1st part of August. He will never replace Hunter as he will bring his own personality with him. I’m looking for a new fishing buddy!
  4. DavidG

    Best friend

    Finn, I know you had just lost your best buddy! 2 weeks later I just lost mine. He had been sick for 2 days and we took him to his vet who then referred him to a Vet ER specialist. He was found to have a large cancerous splenic mass which had started bleeding into his abdominal cavity causing severe pain and severe anemia. Very little to no chance of a decent life so we did what we had to do. Hunter had not a mean bone in his body. He ran from cats, Had squirrels use him as a trampoline to get to the bird feeders and met all visitors to the house with a tennis ball or a slipper. He was truly
  5. DavidG

    2005 TRS question

    25.00 for storage? That’s a great price! I was paying 172.00 a month for a half way decent storage area. I ended up having pavers added to my side yard for storing and bought a cover. I came out cheaper in the long run
  6. DavidG


    Great idea! Maybe outlaw could come up with a trailer tongue safety catch! He’ll make millions on that patent! I normally don’t get in mine loading or unloading unless it’s hooked to my truck. But I agree a jack stand is a great idea!
  7. DavidG

    90 degree turn buttons

    Excuse the dry looking legs, results of pulling 2 1/2 bodies out of a plane crashing into a retention pond full of JP-4 fuel
  8. DavidG

    90 degree turn buttons

    This used to be a every fishing event due to the turn buttons before putting the covers on. Hopefully Hewes have changed using turn buttons in this location. Licensed charter guides could end up in court if the same happens to a sue happy client. Just something to think about.
  9. DavidG

    90 degree turn buttons

    Found a pic on my phone
  10. DavidG


    I never knew this was a option. Mine came like this new...David
  11. DavidG

    90 degree turn buttons

    Capt, The boats covered right now but these are spares. Very flexible, covers the entire “turn portion”. Bought at Home Depo for 2 @87cents. Different colors as well. After I uncover the boat, I’ll send that pic. Fits snugly!
  12. DavidG


    Mine swings to the rear. Hope this pic helps...David PS....Also know your lugs on the spare tire are not the same as the lugs on your trailer tires.
  13. DavidG

    90 degree turn buttons

    Guys/Gals, Its taken me 61 years to find the actual name of the “ toggles” that Hewes put on the 2018 18 redfisher to hold the helm cushion on. You either have snaps or 90 degree turn buttons. I personally call them calf cutters. If you have snaps your good. For those like me that have the turn buttons, It’s approximately 200.00 to have them replaced with snaps. But I did find a cure for the calf cutters without spending 200.00. Home Depot sells 5/16 heavy rubber screw protectors in multiple colors at 2 for 87 cents. ( it takes 5 on mine ) and they slide right on after installing the cush
  14. DavidG

    ECOS Required by Law

    This soon to be law was started by the parents of a 10 year old boy who was taking a sailing class in a group. At 1 point, the 10 year old fell off the sailboat and one of the instructors went along side of him and reached out to grab him but accidentally fell on the throttle. The young man was killed instantly by the prop of a 90 hp motor.
  15. DavidG

    ski behind redfisher 18

    Muddy hit it right! Secondly those engine cowlings get expensive to replace if your ski rope burns across it.
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