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  1. Fish5

    Keaton beach area

    Did you sell me some stradics
  2. Fish5

    Keaton beach area

    15 trs 2400 live in Coolidge
  3. Middle son and i left right after school on fri, got on the water around 5 pm, wind was a wippin, but died down and gave us a good hour of fishing, picked up 4 trout with a few shorts, and some short rock bass. Saturday morning met a very busy boat ramp, fishing was slow, but worked out 10 trout, a couple keeper rock bass, and some non game. Water was between 77 and 80 degrees, fished mainly 3.5 to 5 feet deep, all fish caught on jigs.
  4. Fish5

    PowerTech OFX419P

    Sorry for ignorant questions, what motor is it off of. Do you have any numbers for it at all, thanks. Alan
  5. Starboard was already mounted when I purchased Had a local dealer mount the port one
  6. Just remembered, the pole brackets do have some adjustments, the poles are all the way up as to miss the swim platform
  7. The boat is at home, if you need more pics of different angles or anything i will be glad to send
  8. Fish5

    Rod holders

    Its a cream color
  9. Fish5

    Rod holders

    Sorry, yes the rocket launch style. Ive not had good luck finding a source for them(powder coated to match)
  10. Fish5

    Rod holders

    Has anyone added rod holders to a fiberglass ttop? Are they pretty much the same throughout the pathfinder lineup? Are they made specifically for each top? Do they bolt on? Thanks
  11. Fish5

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Added a usb charger and had a plate welded to trailer to add a swivel jack
  12. Fish5

    My ideal trolling motor stabilizer

    Thanks, i did make a crude one that clamps tight to the shaft, saw images of a production one. But after i made and bolted on, it dawned on me that when deployed and working, it seemed to me that when the shaft would spin, it would rap the cord, so i wanted to make a “quick” release. i also made it a little long so the down pressure holds against the boat , works pretty darn good.
  13. Fish5

    My ideal trolling motor stabilizer

    I did the same thing with the minkota brand stabalizer
  14. Fish5

    What did you do to your boat today?

    24trs, it does clear, but cant unfold ladder while deployed, can when stowed.
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