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    Nav Light ideas with a T-top

    That is exactly what I was thinking would be good to attach to the T-top rail on both sides... nice setup and thanks for the pics for ideas.I appreciate it
  2. Tripletail

    Nav Light ideas with a T-top

    Show me your nav light setups in a T-top on a PF 22T. I have a socket behind the trolling motor on my new(to me) 22t but I want a permanent mounted nav light snd the t-top blocks the lights in the side of the console. Thank in advance.
  3. Tripletail

    starboard Side Speaker Wire

    I just ran new speaker wires on my 2007 22T.I used a 25’ tape measure down on top of the fuel tank and fed out tape until I could reach in the speaker hole and grab it... it took me some tries before I got it in the right spot but it worked good. best luck...
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