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  1. Kpboats

    ISO Pathfinder 2300hps

    Very good point made as far as what to price your boat and taking a hit on your buying power. Poor people like me look into financing a boat so 10-15k is about $80-$100 increase in your monthly payments. Wife will just have to take a hit on her monthly dinner dates. Wish I was ready to buy about a year ago before this whole mess. I’ve been tossing the idea back and forth, used vs new. I was hoping someone wanted to bail their 23 for a little less then what I’ve been seeing around but it simply sells in a day or two before I get a chance to even see the listing.
  2. Kpboats

    ISO Pathfinder 2300hps

    I agree. A 2021 pathfinder 23 with gps/JL/ canvas top/ power pole is 80k out the door brand new. The market is some what ridiculous right now
  3. Kpboats

    ISO Pathfinder 2300hps

    Yep, spoke to him today and has about 5 others in line. Looking for something that has a year or two of warranty left.
  4. Kpboats

    ISO Pathfinder 2300hps

    I’m on the search for a used pathfinder 2300hps under 200 hours. Located in south Florida but willing to drive for a nice deal. Please I understand the boat market is booming but not interested in paying more then what they cost new, thanks.
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