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    Master Angler Stringer Issues?

    Thanks so much for your replies. I am in the market and am looking at a few boats ‘03, ‘06, etc. I will re-read the 2000 MA thread - thanks
  2. FishnChips

    Master Angler Stringer Issues?

    Just read past post about 18 MA stringers not connecting with transom until ‘03. Thread mention the 21’ had a separate issue. I’m most concerned about the MA ‘06 21’ at the moment but would like to understand the history of any issues. Appreciate any feedback - thanks
  3. Hello, Has anyone experienced stringer issues with Master Anglers? I have heard/read about issues, not sure if those were limited to certain model years, or an issue with all of them? I have been in the market for a 21' MA or 21' Redfisher for several months, and want to understand if the MA stringer issue is serious enough to shift my focus to redfishers only. I plan to sink money into electronics, power poles, etc and likely repower and would hate to make an investment in an MA only to start having serious structural issues. Have only heard great things about MAs otherwise, I hope you understand my concern as a buyer. Thanks!
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