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  1. Texas T

    New Switches

    My 2020 2400 TRS has toggle switches but I see the pictures on Pathfinder Boats website show push button. Was this an option or a recent change?
  2. Texas T

    MBG acquired by Malibu Boat Group

    At least they weren't acquired by BPS!
  3. Texas T

    Hummingbird or garmin ????

    No never. That looks awesome but I'm stuck with a 10" Garmin for the time being on a new boat and catch a fish or two occasionally. That's impressive.
  4. Texas T

    Thinking of switching to Pathfinder

    Don't switch boats because of this because it won't work IMO. Just figure out a routine where she goes on the days where fishing flats or sandbar and skips the days offshore unless a patch or Dramamine works for her.
  5. Texas T

    Cuffin box for 2500 ?

    Where would you put it? There's no room unless you put it on the front deck.
  6. Texas T

    Battery Selector

    2020 PF 2400TRS This is the first boat I have had with this type of switch. Off-1 or 1+2. All others have been: Off, 1,2 or Both. Question is in the 1 position is the 2 battery being charged by the alternator or is it only being charged in the 1+2 position and cannot be charged otherwise by the engine.?
  7. Texas T

    Engel 80 Qt Cooler

    Sorry, my son took it with food to his college last week. I might just put a slide on the boat and keep it.
  8. Texas T

    2300 HPS, is it really that much better?

    Is it that much more with the same power? It shows to be a foot longer and is stepped and has a bustle so it's probably fast but I haven't been on one. I bought a 2400 TRS a couple of months ago and considered a 2500 HPS. It's a nice boat but for what I wanted to do the extra cost just didn't work out. There's no day I would go out in the 25 that I wouldn't in the 24. It's just me and one other most of the time so the 24 is perfect. That said I did look at ads for 2300's and 2200's and would have been fine with either had the deal been right on the right boat.
  9. Texas T

    Engel 80 Qt Cooler

    Yes. CyFair
  10. Texas T

    2200 Performance Numbers

    Boat Werx of Texas
  11. Texas T

    PF 2400 TRS wash water getting into bilge

    That's it. Doesn't bother me and the bilge gets some soapy water sloshed around every trip too.
  12. Texas T

    PF 2400 TRS wash water getting into bilge

    Where does the live well drain to? Must be bilge and I bet that's where water is finding it's way down there. I don't think the rear lids for live wells and storage have gaskets.
  13. When we wash down the boat in it's sling the bilge pump will come on. I assume the water on deck is draining overboard but how is it getting into the bilge?
  14. Texas T

    2300hps with T-tower

    You could try to go down in pitch to increase rpm's but might not increase your speed. More horsepower is all I can think of that would work for sure.
  15. Texas T

    Engel 80 Qt Cooler

    It's new. Came with the boat I bought in August but I took it off and stored it.
  16. With the Pathfinder logo. $200 in Houston.
  17. Texas T

    2400 TRS Recent Prop Tests

    The powertech prop on yours is also a 19 pitch, not diameter. I'm surprised you can only turn it 4900 RPM. Something's not right. With my Q4 I can rev up to rated RPM of 6000. Gets me about 53 mph
  18. Texas T

    2400 TRS Recent Prop Tests

    I have already made the decision. it's the Quicksilver Q4 ( same as the Mercury Rev 4) 19p. It's just about perfect for my set up.
  19. Texas T

    2400 TRS Recent Prop Tests

    Yes it came with an HS4 21p. See above. That's the prop I could not get to full RPM with.
  20. 2020 PF 2400 T Top SHO 250 Came with HS4 21p. Best rpm about 5200 a little over 52mph. Square throughout. Decent holeshot just can't rev Tried PT OFX3 18 6000 RPM about 52mph SWS3 21p 5700 RPM 52.9 mph Quicksilver Q4 19. Still playing with it but saw 6100 RPM and 53 MPH on one run. I think this is the right prop.
  21. Texas T

    2400 TRS Tab question

    New PF 2400 TRS. SHO 250 4 blade SWS prop, 6 in jack plate. 5 batteries in the console, trolling motor. Boat is new and I feel like it wants to have a click of tabs to level out. Is this normal for this setup?
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