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  1. Texas T

    2300 Measurement

    2300 length is listed as 23'-6". Does anyone know if that includes the bracket? What some call centerline length. Also there's no deadrise at the transom listed like they do for other models.
  2. Texas T

    Last Decision on 2200TRS

    Sure the hard top is heavier but there's an awful lot of boats with them so I don't think it's an issue. I have a soft top on my 2400 TRS by choice because I bought my boat from current dealer inventory without a top and had one made. I prefer the soft top but if I was going to put a six speaker stereo on I would get the hard top with speakers mounted in it. Speakers mounted in the fore and aft decks or console are less than ideal IMO because of the direction of the sound. The speakers above has to sound better for the operator.
  3. Texas T

    2500 vs 2600 Ride in chop

    Who has driven both and can comment on the ride in choppy conditions comparisons? Simple viewing of the specs would say the 2600 but might not be real world. 26' 2" 18 deg deadrise vs 24' 9" 16 deg deadrise. 600lbs more weight in the 2600
  4. Texas T

    All TRS Owners, a Little Survey For You

    I wish they would just get rid of those jump seats period.
  5. Texas T

    Washdown operation help!

    Like mine on a 2400. I closed that valve halfway to regulate the flow to the front livewell and that will cause the washdown to sputter. Make sure to open that valve all the way when you're not using the front well
  6. What's procedure to transfer to the next owner?
  7. Texas T

    Strange Thing

    I have a pretty new boat with the cushions that cover the trailer PVC guide on posts with the Pathfinder/Dealer logo. A very strange thing happens when I'm loading the boat and the rub rail comes in contact with these cushions. It creates an extremely loud screeching noise that will cause everyone within the marina property to stop what they're doing and look at me. Some will just look up in the sky and hunch their shoulders like they're bracing for something. It caused two dogs to start fighting I can't imagine how this sound is being created and it's the only trailer I have had with t
  8. Texas T


  9. Texas T

    Storage under TRS

    I have a 2400 TRS and was looking to use the storage under the rear seats. I noticed when I looked in there the port side had about an inch of water in it. This is out of the water on a lift while we were cleaning. Does this eventually drain completely? I have a fire extinguisher mounted in there and a speaker back exposed the this area. Also it appears anything I would put in there would get wet.
  10. Texas T

    New Switches

    My 2020 2400 TRS has toggle switches but I see the pictures on Pathfinder Boats website show push button. Was this an option or a recent change?
  11. Texas T

    MBG acquired by Malibu Boat Group

    At least they weren't acquired by BPS!
  12. Texas T

    Hummingbird or garmin ????

    No never. That looks awesome but I'm stuck with a 10" Garmin for the time being on a new boat and catch a fish or two occasionally. That's impressive.
  13. Texas T

    Thinking of switching to Pathfinder

    Don't switch boats because of this because it won't work IMO. Just figure out a routine where she goes on the days where fishing flats or sandbar and skips the days offshore unless a patch or Dramamine works for her.
  14. Texas T

    Cuffin box for 2500 ?

    Where would you put it? There's no room unless you put it on the front deck.
  15. Texas T

    Battery Selector

    2020 PF 2400TRS This is the first boat I have had with this type of switch. Off-1 or 1+2. All others have been: Off, 1,2 or Both. Question is in the 1 position is the 2 battery being charged by the alternator or is it only being charged in the 1+2 position and cannot be charged otherwise by the engine.?
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