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  1. Texas T

    Hummingbird or garmin ????

    No never. That looks awesome but I'm stuck with a 10" Garmin for the time being on a new boat and catch a fish or two occasionally. That's impressive.
  2. Texas T

    Thinking of switching to Pathfinder

    Don't switch boats because of this because it won't work IMO. Just figure out a routine where she goes on the days where fishing flats or sandbar and skips the days offshore unless a patch or Dramamine works for her.
  3. Texas T

    Cuffin box for 2500 ?

    Where would you put it? There's no room unless you put it on the front deck.
  4. Texas T

    Battery Selector

    2020 PF 2400TRS This is the first boat I have had with this type of switch. Off-1 or 1+2. All others have been: Off, 1,2 or Both. Question is in the 1 position is the 2 battery being charged by the alternator or is it only being charged in the 1+2 position and cannot be charged otherwise by the engine.?
  5. Texas T

    Engel 80 Qt Cooler

    Sorry, my son took it with food to his college last week. I might just put a slide on the boat and keep it.
  6. Texas T

    2300 HPS, is it really that much better?

    Is it that much more with the same power? It shows to be a foot longer and is stepped and has a bustle so it's probably fast but I haven't been on one. I bought a 2400 TRS a couple of months ago and considered a 2500 HPS. It's a nice boat but for what I wanted to do the extra cost just didn't work out. There's no day I would go out in the 25 that I wouldn't in the 24. It's just me and one other most of the time so the 24 is perfect. That said I did look at ads for 2300's and 2200's and would have been fine with either had the deal been right on the right boat.
  7. Texas T

    Engel 80 Qt Cooler

    Yes. CyFair
  8. Texas T

    2200 Performance Numbers

    Boat Werx of Texas
  9. Texas T

    PF 2400 TRS wash water getting into bilge

    That's it. Doesn't bother me and the bilge gets some soapy water sloshed around every trip too.
  10. Texas T

    PF 2400 TRS wash water getting into bilge

    Where does the live well drain to? Must be bilge and I bet that's where water is finding it's way down there. I don't think the rear lids for live wells and storage have gaskets.
  11. When we wash down the boat in it's sling the bilge pump will come on. I assume the water on deck is draining overboard but how is it getting into the bilge?
  12. Texas T

    2300hps with T-tower

    You could try to go down in pitch to increase rpm's but might not increase your speed. More horsepower is all I can think of that would work for sure.
  13. Texas T

    Engel 80 Qt Cooler

    It's new. Came with the boat I bought in August but I took it off and stored it.
  14. With the Pathfinder logo. $200 in Houston.
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