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    Braided Line Questions

    BernieNC, yeah if casting distance is the priority then that is reasonable. Typically I fish in weeds and at times have to pull bass through the weeds in order to catch then. If the water is clean and open then 10 pounds is a good option.
  2. cbw50072

    Summer keys fishing help

    I know it is after July but when fishing offshore in the keys Billy Baits, Mini Turbo Slammer is my favorite lure. It works for mahi-mahi, tuna, mackerel, and bonita. Here is an article I wrote about the best mahi-mahi-lures. It is good to have some type of dead bait, bonita chunks, squid, or ballyhoo to pitch to the mahi-mahi after catching one on the troll.
  3. cbw50072

    Braided Line Questions

    Personally I like standard Power Pro. Power Pro super 8 slick V2 is another great option for spinning reels. I do not think their is a need to use a braided line under 20 pound test. Even when bass fishing with light soft plastics I use a 20 pound braided line and it cast a far distance. I do add a 5 foot fluorocarbon leader though. The slightly larger diameter might help the line from digging into itself. Here is a article I recently wrote about the best braided fishing lines. A 20 pound braid is equivalent to the diameter of a 6 pound monofilament fishing line.
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