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  1. DaveVero

    Sebastian/Wabasso/North Vero

    Yes- Black Drum going down the beach. They look like Reds because of the light color. Goal is to catch one on a Fly Rod. That will be some fight.
  2. DaveVero

    Sebastian/Wabasso/North Vero

    Can you make out what type of fish this pod is? All over 50LBS.
  3. DaveVero

    Maverick 17ft Master Angler

    The nicest MA17 that I have seen recently sold for close to $24K but that boat was a unique low hours original owner with Ipilot and power pole and 4 S . Just my opinion if your engine is solid should be between $13K-$15K. Less if i has bottom paint..
  4. DaveVero

    Sebastian/Wabasso/North Vero

    Black drum bite is hot. Limits are being caught using fleas and shrimp. Snook bite is average as the water is warming up. Reds are mixed in with the blacks but most are oversized.
  5. DaveVero

    Sebastian/Wabasso/North Vero

    Water is just way too cold for snook to bite . Last reading was 57 degrees. Black drum are the only fish biting right now in any quantity. Beach fishing has also been poor with a few Whiting being caught. Pampano have not been around in any quantity.
  6. DaveVero

    Sebastian/Wabasso/North Vero

    That limit was for one trip. Cast net shrimp and then keep them alive in well and go out and catch trips. Trips seem to be concentrated just north of the inlet. Good redfish bite on shrimp. Pompano on the beach in Melbourne when the water clears.
  7. DaveVero

    Sebastian/Wabasso/North Vero

    Just north of Sebastian
  8. DaveVero

    Sebastian/Wabasso/North Vero

    Alberto with one of the many Snappers that are around Sebastain. Must be bait pulling them to the inlet.
  9. DaveVero

    My new MA 18 out in the inlet

    The deck on these MA are great to throw a net.Will post a video soon of the MA in action.
  10. DaveVero

    2002 Yamaha 150 HPDI Questions

    Thanks for the replies. I think I will try it once and see if I can do it. The VST was changed last time in 2013. I cannot find how often these filters need to be changed but seems overdue.
  11. Just bought the boat which is a 2003 MA with a 2002 Yamaha 150 HPDI and I am not near the boat in Florida but my fishing partner said the Yamaha RPM is not reading on the gauge but fuel is showing and hours are working. What would you check before taking it to be fixed? Also- I will be doing the easy maintence when I get back but changing the VST has me concerned. Is the VST something the dealer should do? Thanks, Dave
  12. I have not been on my boat so letting my fishing partner take her out while I am out of town. Bought this boat never have been on a MA but everything owners said about handling rough tides seems correct. Dales old boat as he bought it back in 2005.
  13. DaveVero

    Sebastian/Wabasso/North Vero

    Today's catch. Not me but wish I was there.
  14. DaveVero

    WTB Maverick MA 18

    Check out the MA21 on FB. Has bottom paint but the price seems about right. Also- look at the 1900 V which has got some interesting features like a Poling platform.
  15. DaveVero

    Sebastian/Wabasso/North Vero

    The fishing is about to change. White shrimp from the ocean are moving through the inlet. Never seen it like this where people are catching limits throwing nets not at night. We have thrown nets a mile off and got limits but not in the inlet during the day. The bait which has been scarce should bring fish in. Winds are changing also so water clarity will improve. Good luck.
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