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  1. DaveVero

    WTB 2003 or Newer Master Angler

    I have looked at the HPX-V because it is one of the better flats boats out there. The reason that I do not think it will be a good fit is that In addition to fishing the Indian River we will be using it at Sebastain Inlet. Although I have never been on a MA it looks like it could take that water conditions which can get pretty bad. Not going to be poling the boat but using the trolling motor almost all the time.
  2. DaveVero

    WTB 2003 or Newer Master Angler

  3. Looking for a 2003 or newer MA that has been well maintained. Preferable no trailer as boat will be on lift full time. Located in Vero beach with a budget of around $30 K. Have seen some that need work but want something as turn key as possible. I would be interested in any length but prefer the MA18.
  4. DaveVero

    Hewes Redfisher 21

    Boat is sold acording to their web. That was fast as those were the color and options I wanted. Hate having to wait to build one then the whole summer boat season is done
  5. DaveVero

    Hewes Redfisher 21

    Anyone know which dealer has the new RF21 that was Maverick boat demo. If the RF16 demo is for sale than RF21 should also be available.
  6. DaveVero

    2021 Hewes 18 redfisher

    Did you look at any other boats before you decided on the RF18? The reason I am asking is I am debating building a custom boat verses buying from MBG. I fish the IRL and Sebastain Inlet and want something that will be able to handle the current of the Inlet. Fishing buddies want me to by a bay boat where I want to stay with a flats.
  7. DaveVero

    Hewes Redfisher 16 Debut

    Just got two quotes from MBG dealers and the RF16 with Yamaha 90 is running $46K-$48K. Maybe it is just me but that seems high for a 16 ft boat. Also seems like you could get a RF18 with a 115 for a few thousand more. I would be curious on what price the RF21is coming in at. I would bet that the RF21 is more money than a 2200 TRS.
  8. Francisco What other boats did you look at before you ordered the RF18? What was your reason for ordered one when there seems to be a number of spec built boats on dealers floors? Seems like you could get a good deal on an inventory model. Dave
  9. DaveVero

    Hewes Redfisher 16 Debut

    The Redfisher 16 and 21 now look very similar to Egrets boats. I was looking at building an Egret boat for the Indian River. No real ocean fishing in my future so the Egret looked like the right choice. Anyone got any idea how the hull on these new models will compare with an Egret? They looked to be about similar in price. I like that MBG is local to me but like the idea of a custom one of a kind boat.What are some of the positives going with a Hewes boat verses Egret?
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