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  1. LBass

    Windshield cleaner - 301CC

    Thank you again!! This is the kind of information that should be in the owners manual....recommended cleaners and lubricants
  2. Just purchased a new 2020 Cobia 301, the owners manual is not very informative on a number of things. Can anyone tell me what the preferred cleaner is for the windshield? Is the windshield glass? Thanks....
  3. Just picked up our new boat. Got a big ole bag of manuals, warranties, and install info but no manual for the boat itself. Salesman said “it’s all on line now”. Anybody know where? No joy on the Cobia site....
  4. LBass

    salt build up behind thermostat.

    Thanks! Keep mine on a lift...need to figure it out. Picking up the boat this week...
  5. LBass

    Please remember

    Semper Fi....
  6. LBass

    salt build up behind thermostat.

    How often should you run salt away through the motor?
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