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  1. Slocum94

    Garmin Echomap 440s

  2. Before I started to troubleshoot my motor issue I bought this solenoid.... learned my lesson on buying parts before troubleshooting! It ended up not being the solenoid so I put my original one back on and the store I purchased this one from would not return. $70 Located in Lakeland Fl, but will ship.
  3. Slocum94

    Garmin Echomap 440s

    Used Echomap 440s. Power/transducer cable included. Used this unit right up until I upgraded, no known issues other than the missing flap in the card slot. $40 located in Lakeland FL.
  4. Used minn Kota co pilot, 54” shaft, 65lb thrust, remote and mounting bracket included. No known issues. $400 Located in Lakeland, FL but will meet up within the central Florida area. Or will ship at buyers expense.
  5. Slocum94

    F90TLR not starting

    I have an 08 red fisher and all do the sudden my motor won’t start up. Ran it all day and it cranked just fine and when I went to crank up to go in it wouldn’t start. When I turn the key the fuel pump kicks on and that’s it. I’ve replaced the ignition and still have the same issue, then I replaced the starter relay and am still having the issue. When I bypass the starter relay the motor will crank. Anyone have any ideas what it could be? Thanks
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