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  1. Johnlav

    Manual needed-1987 172 Sportster

    How’d you make out with project I don’t have manual but I have same boat
  2. Johnlav

    1987 Cobia sportster 172 vbr

    Recently I cleaned the fuel tank. Poped the hatch . Removed the fuel gauge sending unit. I orders a new one . The nut on top was rested. I removed all nasty grime sludge from the tank. I then acid washed the tank over nite with 70/30 water and muriatic acid. I neutralized the tank with water and baking soda. Then flushed the tank 4 times with water.Found out the tank was aluminum , and in great shape. I made giant Q tips with stiff wire and rags, and removed all water I could, which was 99%. The other 1% I removed by running my shop vac on blower for about 3 hours, with a towel over the fuel gauge hole. Put white rag /q tip back in tank. Clean👍🏻. I see 640 or so have looked at the post I think that’s awesome. 20 of those views are me. I have a question. What is the best gas / stabilizer to run in my 1987 2.5 Mercruiser motor?
  3. Johnlav

    1987 Cobia sportster 172 vbr

    New starter came in wrong size . Looked identical but 50% size. Tested old starter works fine. Lubed it , cleaned it , painted it. Hung it out to dry.
  4. Johnlav

    1987 Cobia sportster 172 vbr

    My update: Couple and a half months later. Started! Not the boat yet. Went to change fuel filter.(new fuel pump). Then checked the carb. (New To me rebuilt carb) on the way. So decided new battery would be sufficient, since the boat did not have one. I tried to crank over motor.(click , click, click) no go. Added more mystery oil in plug holes and dropped starter. New starter on the way old one shot. So I needed to turn motor. No nut on front just a couple of threaded holes. Threaded bolts in them , wedged a bar so I could turn crank. Frozen motor $&?!”$@.I just wasted all that money in parts!!! I Added more marvels mystery to plug holes I then put boat in gear. Went to the prop. Wiggled Left and right gently. Freed it up and the motor spun. Waiting for parts. Will update y’all .
  5. Johnlav

    1987 Cobia sportster 172 vbr

    I just bartered a Sportster 172 vbr with a mercruiser 120 . Just started to clean it so far looks good. Any suggestions or comments about the boat? Feel free . Thanks John
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