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  1. Admiral2

    Swim Platform 2003 1900V

    That sounds okay with me. do you have a picture if looks ok, you have a deal. I will give you shipping address and UPS info for shipping.
  2. Admiral2

    Swim Platform 2003 1900V

    Sounds good. Shot me a picture
  3. looking for help with purchasing a swim platform for my 2003 Pathfinder 1900V. Looking for one for the left transom.
  4. Admiral2

    Swim platform 2003 1900V

    How do you contact @outlaw I am new to this site.
  5. suggestions for finding a swim platform for 2003 Pathfinder 1900V. Just purchased. Need to be able to get back in boat in deeper water.
  6. after pulling grandchildren water skiing, I check bilge and find 2 inches of water in bottom of hull. I also find same problem after hard rain. I have run water after cleaning 2 times and cannot seem to duplicate water leak. I have only owned boat 3 months. I may have found reason old owner traded departed company. Bill Brpown 252-714-6525
  7. Just purchased 2003 Pathfinder 19 ft . Bilge pump does not work. Fuse is good. Where is bilge pump located under floor and how do you access bilge pump? I finally found an owners manual, but it is very basic. Help! thanks Bill Brown
  8. I just purchased a 2003 pathfinder 1900. I would also like the owner’s manual and technical specs. Thanks BB
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