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  1. Toeknee217

    94 hewes redfisher, open or closed cell foam?

    it should be closed cell foam which in my experience does still hold moisture once you drill into it but shouldn't completely saturate.
  2. Toeknee217

    What SUV’s are you using to pull your flats boat?

    I tow my Redfisher 18 with a 2002 Jeep TJ 4.0 with manual trans. Is it the best? hell no. Is it the most fun... yup!
  3. Where is the fuel tank in this model? under the floor? if so my recommendations of lowering the trailer tongue and checking the front compartment wouldn't work for you. I thought it was like the other lappy Hewes Redfisher and bonefishes where you had access to the tank inside the front hatch.
  4. I second what shallow minded said about not starting the boat until you figure it out. Put the tongue all the way down on the trailer and see if the fuel/oil is actually coming from the tank compartment. maybe have someone fill the tank while you check your fill line too. My Hewes had a ton of sludge built up in the bilge over the years but it was probably from the previous owner dumping oil in the reservoir and it leaking.
  5. Toeknee217

    Flamingo 4/22 trip

    Thanks guys. The skiff is not perfect but definitely ready for the summer. I have really enjoyed the process of bringing this hull back to life! Hopefully you're able to finish yours in time!
  6. Toeknee217

    Lappy engine height/ prop recommendation

    Thought id give a small update for whoever might be interested. I ended up purchasing the 21P rev 4 from HoneyB (Thank You!), and it completely changed the attitude of the hull. The boat pops out of the hole nicely and the acceleration is scary fast. I can now trim the boat and lift the bow easily. The engine seems to be mounted just fine where it's at. No porpoising and it does not lose grip in turns anymore. Haven't had the weather to do a WOT run but I took the boat out yesterday and with 3/4 tank, full Livewell, and a 2 person fishing load I was able to do 30 mph at 3k rpm with
  7. Took the ol Hewes out yesterday and thought id share the experience with you all. Went out ocean side for the first time with this boat(not my first time in flamingo) and had a great time. Got a chance to pole the boat(I've never poled before), and it went great. Poles quite well IMO and the graphite push pole helps. The forecast was 5-10 knots... not so. Morning wasn't so bad but by 1-2 it really started blowing. Found some sheltered areas and ended up catching quite a few fish. Typically catch a red or two but didn't see a single one! Here are some pics
  8. Toeknee217

    One Rod. The Rod

    The one rod I tend to always use is the Shimano teramar inshore series. $120 and they last me a long time.
  9. Toeknee217

    Hewes live well question?

    Oh thanks I did not picture that when you said to 90 it up. That seems very doable! Would just need to add some sort of filter mesh.
  10. Toeknee217

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Gave the ol Hewes a wash, wiped down some starbrite deck wax, and put a new stainless tip on the push pole. Missing some odds and ends but she's looking sweet!
  11. Toeknee217

    1990 Redfisher budget build

    Picked up an old graphite Biscayne rods pole here locally. Pumped to get back into the flats. Already installed a new stainless tip and now patiently waiting for the winds to calm down.
  12. Toeknee217

    Hewes live well question?

    thanks I think im just going to make a shorter overflow for crustaceans and utilize the main live well in the middle. Rather not drill any more holes in the boat. I just figured the older redfishers would've had that flow through design too.
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