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  1. My sons boat has been fished no doubt but everything works and so far has been very dependable. We do not plan to restore it. In about 18 months we plan to sell it and buy him a new one. He plans to try the redfish tour once his college is done and he starts a career job.
  2. We bought my son the exact same boat last year. His has an ocean pro 90. Curious why you didn’t pull the whole top and check stringers an all.
  3. Rangerdriver2510

    93 bayfisher livewell standpipe?

    That is a drain hole
  4. Rangerdriver2510


    Bought our son a 93 bayfisher for his first flats boat. I have been going through the boat cleaning up some wires and other stuff. My question is on the live wells how do you access the drain fittings to change tubing and also to change the fill valves inside wells.
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