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  1. Did anyone find a white and blue wedge style bean bag? I lost one today somewhere around coquina key. I passed a navy master angler while I still had it so I’m hoping they saw it and grabbed it.
  2. okay, that's even better. I have a bunch of 4200. Thanks guys!
  3. I have a transom mount transducer for my garmin unit that I need to install. May be a stupid question, but for mounting the transducer and the cable ties, are you guys just screwing right into the hull and filling 5200? I don't like the idea of putting screws directly into the hull.
  4. Zlenart

    Hewes Redfisher 16 Debut

    From info posted on here when they debuted the RF21, it's looking like it'll come in very close to the same price as a 2200 TRS (maybe a little less)
  5. Zlenart

    Jack plate problem

    This may be my issue. It was a really hot day Saturday and the jack plate functioned perfectly until about noon.
  6. Zlenart

    Jack plate problem

    mine will only run for a few seconds. anywhere from 2-5. If i wait a minute or two it will work for another couple seconds, sometimes won't work at all. Started the day Saturday working perfectly. Mine may just be a loose/bad connection but I'm going to have to dig into it this week some time. This is all new to me as I came from a skiff with very simple wiring.
  7. Zlenart


    Looks great! May have to add that in the next couple years
  8. Zlenart

    Jack plate problem

    I'm having a very similar issue with my atlas jack plate. Hoping it's not the relays as it was in geeviam's thread, but that sounds like what it is.
  9. Zlenart

    2018 Pathfinder 23 HPS // 110 Hours

    Brad was a huge help to me when I was looking to purchase my HPS and has still helped me with random questions. I can assure you this boat was meticulously taken care of and will without a doubt have the loudest sound system on any boat near this size. This boat is very well documented on this forum. GLWS!
  10. Zlenart


    How much did that shade blade run you? Looks perfect for a t topless boat when on sand bar duty or extra hot days
  11. Zlenart

    80# Minn Kota iPilot

    I have a 24v on mine. It will hold the anchor function in very heavy current, but at full speed you're not moving very quickly against a heavy current. I think it's definitely adequate, but a 36v would be ideal.
  12. Zlenart

    Bravo 1 prop

    Mulligan, if you still have the Bravo 1 and are willing to part with it let me know. I'm looking to pick one up sometime in the next month or two.
  13. Kind of a longshot here, but the boat I just purchased has two JL 7.7s and two tweeters with white sport Grilles, and then two 8.8s with the classic grille. I would like them all to match, but replacements from JL directly are $140 per grille. Figured I'd see if anyone was in the opposite situation and wants to trade some sport grilles for the classic grilles on my 8.8s?
  14. Zlenart


    That's good to hear. I'm definitely much more careful now that I know hitting bottom could mean losing a lower unit since I'm cruising at 45 with a 250 rather than 25 mph with my 20hp tiller lol
  15. Zlenart


    That would be great!
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