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  1. dabear

    FS Yamaha HS4 22 Prop - Excellent

    That’s a good lookin prop .
  2. dabear

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Capt . Troy when you put over a thousand hours on a motor it would be very hard to even consider anything else as a replacement . I hope you get the same fantastic service from your new SHO as you did from your last one . Be safe out there . Joe R
  3. dabear

    Bob's Jackplate Set Back

    Set back changes the balance of your boat the further back you move that heavy motor by adding set back the lighter the bow is and heavier the transom becomes . Changing setback / changing the balance of the boat changes the ride. A boat that has problems with the bow riding low can benefit from more set back . If you want to run as shallow as possible setback can increase the boats draft . It’s all about balance . Sometimes it’s a major advantage if a lighter bow is needed to improve ride and sometimes it’s a ride killer if the boat was balanced well before the setback you could make the boat not handle well it could start to porpoise at low speeds and draw more water because the back drops low in the water with a heavy back half . A boat balanced correct for the way you use it is important to ride , handle, draft, speed . Don’t get me wrong I am not a anti jackplate person I just know some boats preform better with them and some do not it’s all about balance , set up , and personal preferences . Joe R
  4. dabear

    What did you do to your boat today?

    That deck makes me hungry just looking at it . Not sure about that flag but boy that deck looks fantastic . Hope you enjoyed them .
  5. I would think that your Dad could be as big part of your trips to places that you two shared even if his body isn’t with you he may be looking over your shoulder saying I really like snapper and reds . If you spend time thinking about good times that you shared it will help fill the void . I also miss my father and fishing with him and miss fishing Flamingo weekly before we moved to west central Florida . Sorry for your loss frogfoot hang in there . Joe R
  6. dabear

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Congrats, what a big beautiful boat. I hope it brings you a life time of enjoyment . 👍 Joe R
  7. dabear

    R tires vs D tires; mixed on trailer

    R indicates a radial tire — D indicates a Bias ply tire D is for diagonal. The sidewalls will flex differently. The radial tire should run a little cooler . Also a radial tire the same size as a bias ply tire should have a larger contact area where the tire meets the pavement because of the design . It will be harder to feel the difference on a trailer than on a car or truck but they are not the same . In the long run the radial should have a couple small advantages over the bias ply tire because the sides flex and that should make the ride a little smoother and under a non perfect condition having a larger point of contact with the ground could help control . If it was my trailer I would install a matched set of radials when I could afford it .
  8. dabear

    Shout out to FBC

    SCFDd rtrd. , Family Boating Center has been number one in my book since I moved to the west central Florida area from the south Florida area about 20 years ago . I have purchased a new Hewes Redfisher and a new Maverick HPX from them . After that I did a repower on my HPX again using them . Not planning on purchasing another boat or motor but if I ever do it will be from FBC . Joe R
  9. dabear

    Shout out to FBC

    It is very easy to complain when a manufacturer or a dealer doesn’t do what we think they should . For some reason when a manufacturer or a dealer does a great job and goes out of there way to help a customer we don’t always find the time to tell people what a outstanding job they did going out of there way to help out . I just had a experience with Family Boating Center they went out of there way to get answers to a couple questions that I had about two Technical Service Bulletins . I wasn’t buying anything just had a couple questions about TSB’s that I could not find or get any information about . Family Boating Center did the homework than had two people call me and go out of there way answering any question that I had . Great job Family Boating Center thankyou 👍. Joe Raimondo
  10. Dave how did the knee do ? What type of surgery did you have ? Thanks foe sharing the pics . Looks like a great trip. Joe R
  11. Mercury has a new series spite fire X-7 it the XP and comes in half pitches to help dial in your ride to run max RPM . One of the biggest complaints that I have heard from people running the Spitefire Merc props was the drastic difference going up 2 pitches at a time many have turned the 19 past the Max they wanted to turn than went up to the next available pitch a 21 and it was out to lunch bog couldn’t turn it . I spent a boat load of money getting one dialed in . This new XP series should make it very possible to get your RPM almost exactly where you want it with out having a lot of work done . Joe R
  12. dabear

    18 HPX w 150 prop question

    Try and locate a 23 X 14.5 Yamaha Pro series 66K-45974-B0-00 . Joe R
  13. dabear

    Towing with manual transmission

    All that old ford had is a heater a auto transmission , power brakes , a aluminum intake under that 14 inch air cleaner . After riding around a whole summer that new smooth driving Toyota with AC you may start thinking it’s time to hang a sign on the old ford . Good luck with your new back up truck it looks good pulling that boat. Joe R
  14. dabear

    Jackplate stuck in down position

    What make jackplate ? May want to look at the relays . Jump the relay hot side to blue wire .
  15. dabear

    New guy on the block / Redfisher18

    That’s the best looking RF I have ever seen . Joe R
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