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  1. dabear

    2017 Hewes Redfisher 16

    I agree 100% with you JJ that thing really looks better than new . That’s why I have told a couple people that anyone Seriously looking for a 16 RF will be all over this thing . I really do think if someone comes out to look at it and wet test it they will drive away with it . Gary your going to be Makin waves and catchin rays Mmmmmm...motorboatin .Pontoon boat life reaching to the cooler don’t drink it if the mountains aren’t blue . Party in slow motion . Make room that that pontoon .
  2. dabear

    2017 Hewes Redfisher 16

    Thanks for the answer . I was just wondering because I figured the first person tp look at that thing that was a serious buyer would take it home with them . Here in Florida I have never seen a flats boat for sale that hasn’t bee used in a salt water environment. That alone would be a major reason to jump all over that thing . Glade your not going to become a land lover . Keeping our wife’s happy plus the possibility of having a technical poling skiff and being out in the open motor boatin in a pontoon boat . Good luck with the sale of Hewella 😎
  3. dabear

    2017 Hewes Redfisher 16

    geeviam , is there a reason why you have decided to sell your 16 Redfisher ? Are you going to turn into a land lover ? Joe R
  4. dabear

    2017 Hewes Redfisher 16

    Wow ,what a beautiful spotless well equipped boat . Rare to find a RF that was never been in salt water .Good luck with the sale of that unicorn.
  5. dabear

    Thanks Bubba B

    Bubba the weather man .Specializing in tracking storms and Florida marine fishing forecast .
  6. dabear

    Thanks Bubba B

    I wanted to thank you for posting and tracking the storms . It is so simple for me to check the track of these storms I copy them and send your up dates to family members that are in the path . I know it’s takes time to do this and needed to tell you thanks it really has always been appropriated . Joe R
  7. dabear

    2019 Maverick 18 HPX with 150 SHO

    Geeviam , you are so right about the expensive part . It’s so easy to talk about props than start doing the wonder how a Pro 4 would work thing , the wonder how prop game is very time consuming and very expensive , than there is the added cost when you buy a prop that gives you the best performance of ant stock out of the box prop and you send it out to be fine tuned to do a little more of what you want $$$ , Ive been thinking that the Pro 4 should do pretty much everything the Pro 3 does but may have more over all lift , may have a little better hole shot , may have a little more grip in a sharp turn situation. I heard that they have been used on some Carolina skiffs with Suzuki’s with great results . I have not heard of anyone testing a Pro 3 and than a Pro 4 on the same set up and compared the two . I also am not sure how much RPM drop there would be between the two . I am guessing to drop from a 21 to a 19 to maintain the same RPM but that just a guess . I really shouldn’t talk about props because it’s is so easy to think what if . $$$ . Joe R
  8. dabear

    Power Tech Pro3 Propeller

    Anyone ran the Power Tech Pro 4 yet ? That prop looks very interesting to me but I have not heard any real world numbers on it yet Other than a Carolina skiff / Suzuki combo . I wish someone that has run the PRO 4 on a boat motor combo that I am familiar with would share there experience .
  9. dabear

    2019 Maverick 18 HPX with 150 SHO

    Mounted on the inside of the transom under the rear center access hatch . Are you sure the factory did not install one there ? Joe R
  10. dabear

    2019 Maverick 18 HPX with 150 SHO

    Ironhorsecowboy69, did you get a prop yet for your HPX / 150HP set up yet . You should try a see if anyone in your area has a 14 1/2 X23 Pro Series Yamaha prop because a don’t think a 17 pitch prop will work very well on a HPX with a 150 SHO hanging on the rear if Marcus at Power Tech told you to get a 17 pitch maybe he didn’t think you have a 150 HP SHO on it . Joe R.
  11. Has anyone ran the Power Tech Pro 4 on there Yamaha 115 SHO ? If so what did you think about that particular props performance ?
  12. dabear

    2019 Maverick 18 HPX with 150 SHO

    I have had both three and four blade props with incredible hole shots when your not spinning to much prop for your motor to reach its maximum RPM and it vented if needed I have had good luck with hole shots with either . The 150 on my 18 HPX V was not as prop sensitive to carry extra weight or hole shot as my 18 HPX is with the 115 SHO . Lots of things effect the hole shot prop diameter, motor height, boat balance / weight distribution , barrel length a short barrel with a flare end usually has a better hole shot than a non flare longer tube prop . ventilation hole size , how the pitch progresses, the shoe string size of the blade , a sharp v leading edge and a 90 degree sharp square trailing edge , balance , how exact each blade is to each other . All of the above effect hole shot . I wish it was as simple as a 4 blade or a three blade . One of the few props that I have never owned or tested but sounds like a great prop for a HPX I think would be the Power Tech Pro 4 . A design very close to the Yamaha K Pro Series in a four blade just sounds like something that should perform great . On some hulls the pro series doesn’t grip well in turns but is fantastic running straight that 4th blade may be a great addition on that design . May be worth asking Marcus the funky monkey about . Joe R
  13. dabear

    2019 Maverick 18 HPX with 150 SHO

    I thought that Ironhorsecowboy6 has a HPX with a 150 HP sho on it that’s why I told him what props I used on my HPX when I had the 150 on it . I bought and ran a bunch of props on my 150/HPX to find what worked best for me before running the 14 1/2x 23 and 14 1/2X 25 pitch Yamaha pro series . I agree with your Spitefire suggestions if you have a 18 HPX / 115 sho .it does run well on my boat with that combo ,I also like the PTR pro3 13 1/2x 21 on my 18 HPX/115 sho combo as well as the Yamaha K 13 1/2x 21 pro series .
  14. dabear

    2019 Maverick 18 HPX with 150 SHO

    14 1/2 X 23 Yamaha pro series PN 66K -45974-B0-00 . When I had the 150 on my HPX I ran two props a 23 and a 25 Yamaha pro series 66k-45972-B0-00 to get a couple more mph sacrificing a little hole shot . The 23 worked well stock and was on it 70% of the time .
  15. dabear

    WTB 16-18 Hewes/Master Angler

    Wow that thing looks brand new . Never been in salt water that may be the only RedFisher in the world that has not been dipped in salt water a rare find for sure . That’s why the trailer looks perfect 👌.
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