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  1. dabear

    Goodbye CATCH A FIRE

    Pond fisher , What ever direction your next step in life takes you in I hope it brings you many years of joy in your retirement. If we didn’t have grandchildren in this area that still need attention we would be looking for a more peaceful location to spend our retirement years in also . Like selling your boat moving from Florida is also a gutsy life changing decision. Take care . Joe R
  2. dabear

    Goodbye CATCH A FIRE

    I know that it is very common to hear people say that’s a good looking boat but that really is a great looking boat . Looking at that thing drive away is why I would not own a boat that I couldn’t keep in the garage . It had to be a hard decision selling that beautiful rig . I know that at 65 years old I am wondering how much longer I will be able to use and keep my boat in the condition that In like to keep it in . That had to be a very difficult decision for you and a great opportunity for the new owner . Joe R
  3. dabear


    Corkdork, thanks for the info that you shared with me . I sent it to my brother in law . Joe R
  4. dabear

    Great Job Family Boating Centers !!!

    I second everything you said about family boating centers . I have purchased new boats from them and a new motor from them I was treated great every time I ever walked in the door if it was for a boat of just a fuel filter . Great place to do business with . Joe Raimondo
  5. dabear


    Nice pictures . Where near Jacksonville are you having so much fun . My brother in law is in that area and has not seen that kind of action his last couple trips out . I know you don’t want to post a exact location but a general area to head towards may help out . Joe R
  6. dabear

    New prop being purchased Finally !!!!

    Geevism , that’s a nice shot of that new skiff . Are you turning that hard right with that motor trimmed up ad far as it seems to be ?
  7. dabear

    New prop being purchased Finally !!!!

    Getting the right prop is black magic what one boat owner loves about a prop another may not like . Some boat hull designs and owners like a hull to have a smooth of a ride as possible with a hull that is designed to cut through the water like a battle ship . Some hulls and owners enjoy getting the hull completely out of the water dancing on top . Owners likes. Boat hull design , the way you drive , the way the boat is balanced all are things to consider to get the ultimate prop for you . What RPM range with in the factory’s suggestion also is something that has many different opinions. Most prop guys will suggest getting it as close to the hi end as possible without going past the factory redline . Really depends on the power curve of your engine no sense teaching the motor beyond the maximum torque curve . There is not a one size fits all prop for a person that is looking for the ultimate all round performance in his ride . It’s very easy to reprop a boat that is way off but the closer it get to what your looking for the harder it is to find a large performance gain . Another thing that is neglected when looking for the best prop for your ride is if your engine isn’t in doing what it should and is weak it won’t pull the same prop as a motor in good condition will . One or more weak cylinders won’t be able to turn a prop the same RPM as a motor that is performing correct will . The pickier you are the more time and money you will spend in search of the ultimate prop for you . It should be hard seeing a major performance gain going from a aluminum prop that won’t cup and don’t have thin sharp leading edges that cuts water better or squared off 90 degree sharp trailing edges that releases water better . Caution searching for every last bit of performance from your prop can will take a lot of time and a lot of money . You have to be able to say the boat is performing really good and I need to stop think maybe this new design prop will give me a tiny bit more performance thinking what if looking at prop slip charts for hours sending a prop out to be blueprinted twice to get it perfect is habit forming and very expensive. Have fun .
  8. dabear

    "Time Capsule" 18.5 is SOLD!

    Looks like that Maverick has a nice big home to hang out in . Hope you enjoy your new to you toy .
  9. dabear

    Hewes 21 Redfisher restoration.

    Love that big block 396 Nova I had one in the mid 70’s when they where just hot rods not classics collectible high dollar muscle cars . Joe R
  10. dabear

    250 SHO starter?

    You can save a ton of money if you take your starter to a shop that does nothing but rebuild starters , alternators and generators . They will usually bench check the starter when you drop it off . Usually when a starter has seen better days you will have a big voltage drop when you turn the key example looking at your battery voltage on your Yamaha gauge the battery voltage with the key on should be 12.4 or better when you turn the key it should drop temp no more than 9.5 with a good battery . If the starter brushes and or armature and solenoid have seen better days a lot of the time you can tap on the starter and it may work a few more times this is not a fix it’s just a way of confirming that the starter has a internal problem and is in need of repair . Again a good starter repair shop can save you a lot of money by rebuilding your starter . New starters are expensive.
  11. dabear

    Red Tide in Tampa Bay

    Thanks for the update . I was hoping that the news was exaggerating. Boats been hitting since the hurricane/ storm visited us .
  12. dabear

    Red Tide in Tampa Bay

    Anyone fish the LMR and surrounding areas this week (Jul 15 Thu ) ? How was the red tide the area ? Any dead fish ?
  13. dabear

    Options and Opinions 2001 Redfisher 18

    To get a good read on a spark plug and or a piston top you need to install new plugs . Than do a Wide Open Throttle run turn the key off at W.O.T. Drop the trolling motor down tie up at the dock pull the boat out with out starting the motor and than pull the plugs read the tops of the piston and see if they have a good wash out pattern on the piston tops or if is lean and hot . Same thing on the plug . Old fuel loses its octane and can cause the same detonation and damage as a restriction in the fuel / air ratio . It’s a double edge sword when you have to run a engine to diagnose the root cause that damaged your motor . You don’t want to run it and cause more damage but if your going to replace that piston and rings you want to make sure that the new parts are not damaged because you didn’t pinpoint what originally cause that cylinder to get hot . It’s either a water cooling passage restriction corrosion build up inside the block or / heads or a fuel problem . I would check both areas very close before replacing ant parts .
  14. dabear

    Options and Opinions 2001 Redfisher 18

    That’s the hottest side of the top of the piston the fuel on the intake side makes the intake side not as hot as the exhaust side . Read the top of the pistons if they are dry with minimal wash from fuel that cylinder may have run lean and got hot the areas with smaller amounts of metal heat up faster . Areas with thin sharp 90 degree corners and the thinner area next to the top of the piston get hotter faster . The thin piston material between the piston top and the ring grove on the exhaust side is the hottest areas on the top of the piston . A carb that has some restricted ports or jets could lean out one cylinder more than the others . What did the spark plug that came out of the hole with the damaged piston look like . Was look down inside the plug see if it’s lean or if it had a few black pepper looking dots on the insulator see if the tip has a melted round edge tip with a glazed or glossy appearance . Reds the plugs and cylinder tops they will tell a story about what it going on inside that cylinder . If the plug has signs of overheating . Detonation from lean air/ fuel ratio appears on the exhaust port side of the piston . The piston crown will exhibit damage in the exhaust port area. If you keep running it damage will first occur on the exhaust side of the piston and the side of the piston will become scuffed followed by cylinder wall metal transfer . I would say that the root cause of your damaged piston crown is from running lean . Hopes this helps . Joe R
  15. Glade that your test and tune today went well . Sounds like you are ready to head towards Chokoloskee and start enjoying the work that has been done . Take care have fun be safe . Joe R .
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