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  1. dabear

    Plastic Fuel Tank Gone Bad? Advice Needed

    Ouch that could get real scary in a hurry .
  2. dabear

    The future of MBG...

    Hopefully this forum will stay alive . I have been a member a very long time and have meet friends , gain great information about fishing and boating . I was raised in Miami when Bob Hewes owned Hewes boats and was around when the Hewes Maverick merge started . Way back than people worried and talked about what would happen when Maverick got full control of the company . At this time everyone on earth was building flats boats many of those company’s failed and MBG / old Hewes Boats was still considered a great flats boat . Hopefully this will continue. With people waiting 6 months for a new HP
  3. Seems like everything we purchase is way move expensive that it was before COVID-19 . Bikes , food , wood , boats, cars , trucks , houses . Due to supply and demand things are outrageous. Maybe if everyone could figure a way to delay there purchase until things style down than the manufacturers would realize that people are not going to buy something at this time and get stuck upside down with a house , boat , car , truck that they owe 20% more than it is worth . This may not be the time to make a large purchase . It happened in the house market about 18 years ago and it hurt borrowers and len
  4. dabear

    First Moon in June

    The new moon is usually stronger because the moon and sun are pulling in the same direction . During a full moon they pull in opposite directions . So tides are usually highest on the new moon . So like Capt Troy said the June new moon should have a advantage over the full moon . Tides bait wind direction water temperature and water clarity are all part of the hunt for fish game . The best time to fish is when you can go . The above information can also be used as reasons you didn’t spend the day with your pole bent and your reel screaming .
  5. Thanks for that interesting information Capt. Troy . Sad that I have not heard anything saying that they no longer going to store acid water this way . This is the third spill in this area that I am aware of since the late 1990’s . All we can do is hope that for some reason letting this large amount of acid water into the bay will not damage the area , killing of fish and vegetation like it has in the passed . It’s a crime to let anyone store hazardous materials this close to the bay of gulf . Joe R
  6. dabear

    Skiff Challenge 2021 - No MBG entry

    I second the Ouch !
  7. You did a amazing job with this letter . I have already contacted by e mail every politician that I could think of that possibly could help this situation in this area . I posted a topic a few days ago about this same subject . Thanks again for taking the time to write and post this letter . Hopefully if enough members contact politicians about this terrible problem that has already made over three hundred families evacuate there homes and is already doing possible damage to water , people , fish and the environment something will be done to control things in the future . Joe R
  8. Interesting ,geevian . The Governor will be here today to talk about the situation. Only good thing is this is out in the open a little more than in the past . Hopefully some can be done to correct the problem .
  9. I agree Dale . I am surprised that most of the members have not joined in by calling and e mailing our Florida politicians that seem to be ok with this disaster.
  10. Wow Dale that’s terrible stuff going on . We all need to contact the governor and stop this before it’s to late . I E mailed the Governor today about this . We need to do everything we can to stop this from happening. Joe R.
  11. Thanks for sharing your find . That doesn’t sound good .
  12. dabear

    What Happened

    That looks like a fun catch and release . I have not nailed a 20 plus in a while . Joe R
  13. People where talking at the boat ramp about contaminated water being released near cockroach Bay Area . Is this true . Does anyone have any details about this ? Joe R
  14. dabear

    Prop Recommendations

    Both the turbo and stiletto props are known for the progressive pitch to be on the high side and a equally marked pitch may be harder to turn than other manufacturers stamped with the same pitch .
  15. What ever the factory did 25 years ago lasted a very long time . It would be great if all that 25 plus year old wood and rubber hoses could be replaced . It’s a lot more work but it would be a shame to have to disassemble that hull again to replace a rotten rubber hose or stringer in the future . The hardest part of a major repair is making a decision how far you want to go . There is a big difference between a total restoration and repairing what is broken . Like a classic car frame off restoration vs a painted classic car with new interior and 25 year old motor , suspension , and fuel tank .
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