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  1. dabear

    Installing lower solid motor mounts

    I have installed hydro tecs solid mounts on several motors and always had to pull the power head . If you are running extremely trimmed out with the boat hull out of the water with out hydra steering the solid mounts did give my steering a solid tight no ply feeling . Now that I am over 60 I would rather have original type mounts in great condition than solid mounts because my 4 stroke motors are quiet and I can hear things rattle with solid mounts that I couldn’t hear with the 2 stroke tach bouncing off the redline years ago .
  2. dabear

    Please remember

    Many many men and woman have given the ultimate sacrifice for us and I will not forget them . God bless them all and God bless America . 🇺🇸
  3. dabear

    Hewes with F300!

    Wow that is a lot lower than I would of guessed . Thanks for settling that round of guess that tune 🎵🎶 . Joe R
  4. dabear

    Hewes with F300!

    Skip if 90K isn’t close than what is the boat motor trailer and fees price for this all new 21 ft Hewes . Seems like everyone is interested in the price and sounds like your the guy that has that information . Thanks for setting the record straight we are not asking for a super deal just the factory suggested price of the boat motor and trailer with fees . Joe R
  5. dabear

    Hewes with F300!

    OK Dale sounds good to me . 😊
  6. dabear

    Hewes with F300!

    Dale I am not sure if a live well that far forward would work that great but I am sure that a step to get on that front deck easier would help . You know my knees would love it . I often use a shallow cooler as a step to step up on my HPX 18 ‘s front deck . It may be fine for a young man with good knees but for a old guy with bad knees I have a few knee friendly ways I use . Lots of time I sit on the deck than turn around forward and get up . The deck didn’t seem that high a few years ago .
  7. dabear

    Deleted post

    I deleted this post about looking for a fishing spot .
  8. dabear

    Hewes with F300!

    I figured that would be a $90,000 Plus package out the door with fees and taxes .
  9. dabear

    Hewes with F300!

  10. dabear

    Hewes with F300!

    I am fairly sure that the 300 may have a 1.75 lower unit ratio and agree that more pitch is needed . Just for giggles I would put a 25 on it and see what it does . I also think that a 21 ft flats boat with a 300 HP motor should be way way faster than the numbers posted . I think they have a lot of test and tune to get the balance and prop to perform best on that hull .
  11. dabear

    Hewes with F300!

    Can’t see the bottom from the rear well but from what I do see it looks like a very old Hewes on the lower wide straight line bottom , I have a feeling that it a wide flat cut out at the very end of the transom than has a modified semi V going into a pad . Capt Troy I seen that paper also with Mav on it and the cushion with Hewes on it may be a curve to get feed back from the forum they may have there feelers out to see what name brand would be best fitted to this boat Hewes? Maverick, Pathfinder , maybe a Mewesfinder or a Havericker 😜 .
  12. dabear

    Hewes with F300!

    Fishmanjj, I agree I think that three is a market not me but a big market for bay/ flats boats that are 23-25 foot range . I know that on this forum it sounds like there is a big market for the 18 and 21 Mavericks and 21 RF but I see a lot of brand new bigger bay boats around . I can’t see MBC making another 21 Hewes . I may be wrong but I think if it was a top seller they would not of stopped making them . Like I said I may be wrong this is just what I think .
  13. dabear

    Hewes with F300!

    Jason P right 25 inch . I corrected it thanks .
  14. dabear

    Hewes with F300!

    Triplec , thanks for solving that mystery for me . Also thanks for posting the pictures . Great job . Joe R
  15. dabear

    Hewes with F300!

    geeviam , I think they are chumming the forum to get some idea what people are thinking . If it has a 25 inch shaft motor I would think it is more of a bay boat than flats boat . I believe all the flats boat where designed for short shaft motors and the pathfinder hulls (bay boats ) where designed for 25 inch shaft motors In the past . I’m thinking it may be a redesigned 21 hewes hull maybe a little larger than 21 with a lot of pathfinder influence on the lower hull design . Or maybe it isn’t the MBC plant and it’s someone’s Hewes that is hanging a 300 on the back . They have managed to get our attention . Joe R
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