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  1. chrsRedfish

    Speaker Placement

    I have 2 speakers on the side of the console of my 21 maverick master angler. I want to add 2 more more speakers and a sub but am trying to figure out if I should put them in the forward or aft bulkhead. Any help?
  2. chrsRedfish

    Maverick MA rewire

    I am going to be rewiring a 21 Maverick Master angler. Boat has 3 batteries, battery charger, I pilot trolling motor, power pole, and an amp. Would love to see some pictures of how people have rewired their consoles (inside and out) or just cleaned up any wiring. Looking for some inspiration!
  3. I have been set on getting a 21 Master angler and have always loved the boat. Most of the boats I see for sale are all pre 03 which all fall in line with the time frame that the stringer/sea-chest problems occur. I plan on looking to see that there is not cracking currently on the boat but I keep going back and forth on if I should get one. How Common is this problem? Should it scare me away from these years of master angler all together? What if the boat looks good now, should I expect it to be a problem at some point? What's the repair process like? Cost and timefra
  4. chrsRedfish

    WTB 21 Maverick MA

    I am looking to buy a 21 Maverick MA, under 30k Please let me know what's out there, thank you! My phone number is 843-901-5501
  5. chrsRedfish

    Buying a Maverick 21 MA

    Looking at getting a Maverick 21 Ma and want to know what to look out for. Ive seen some stuff about stringer issues and cracking. Can anyone give me insight into this?
  6. chrsRedfish

    21 MA vs 22 Pathfinder

    just me and my girlfriend no kids and I wouldn't want a t top on either boat. The boats only purpose is to fish everything else is second to me
  7. chrsRedfish

    21 MA vs 22 Pathfinder

    I am trying to figure out what boat to go with. I have 30k to spend so I'm looking at early 2000 boats primarily. I'm in Charleston, SC and I fish 80% of the time up rivers in the inshore waters, the other times are in the harbor and around the jetties with an occasion trip nearshore (2-10 miles) on nice days I know I can do the fishing I want in the 22 pathfinder as I have done it out of a 24 bay boat so I am not worried about that. However, with my budget I can get a better boat if I go with the 21 Master Angler and I like the performance and layout for true inshore fishing better.
  8. chrsRedfish

    2200 TE Questions

    Tell me about the Vmax hpdi. Ive personally had bad experiences with the regular hpdi motors but know very little about the vmax version. Are they reliable? Is it the preferred option? Seems most 22's I'm looking at have 750+ hrs. There is also one I really like with a 250 proXS with about 900 hrs, anything you can tell me about those motors? edit:just saw what you said about it. I will start looking at boats with those motors
  9. chrsRedfish

    2200 TE Questions

    I recently got out of a 24' bayboat to move into a larger offshore boat but want to pick up another boat to fish the inshore waters with. I have been looking at the 2200 models 07 an older. What are the general consensus on these boats? I just want to know what to expect out of them, any years preferred over others? Seems like a lot of them have 150s which seems a little low how do they perform with a heavier load? I have also seen some with 250s, does the boat start to squat with the extra weight of the 250? How do they handle rougher water? Any info about these boats is greatly appreciated.
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