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  1. TX Flats Fisher

    Transducer Location / Redfisher 18

    Team Hewes, I just purchased a Garmin 93sv UHD. It came with a transducer. Do you have any suggestions on where to mount it and did you use a “stern pad”?
  2. TX Flats Fisher

    New guy on the block / Redfisher18

    Thanks! Really looking forward to fishing this boat and making minor modifications.
  3. I followed a lot of you guys on the forum! I got a lot of valuable info, thanks! I actually found this rig on the site and couldn’t believe it was just an hour south of me here in Austin TX so I pulled the trigger on this Redfisher18! I would call it a barn find with only 56 hours on a 2008 model. Tight lines!
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