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  1. quest4reds

    Anyone tow tubes or wakeboards with poling platform???

    Thanks all. Will definitely be getting a bridle and using the stern eyes. I'll have to wait and see if/how well I can pull a wakeboarder up, hopefully I'll remember to add results here.
  2. quest4reds

    Anyone tow tubes or wakeboards with poling platform???

    For what it's worth, I have a 4 stroke 115hp Yamaha turning the screw.
  3. quest4reds

    Keel roller challenge

    I've heard really good things about them too. Good overall quality and standard equipment, but able to customize to suit, like using all SS hardware, aluminum wheels, adding steps, etc. If I go to a new trailer, I am going with Ameritrail. For now, I think I am going to try replacing bunks, and taking a very good look at leaf springs to determine if they really need replacing or I can get another couple years out of them. May swap to torsion axles when it's time to replace leaf springs.
  4. One of my sons wants to wake board, the other wants to tube. Anyone using their fishing boats to entertain the kids? I already told them when I bought the boat that it is a fishing tool that may not work for towing, a little expectation management, but I figure if I can do it safely, why not. Not tying ropes to poling platform, so anyone using a bridle to the tie down rings to tow? Looking at a inexpensive towing setup for the job: Airhead Tow Demon Harness Rope on Amazon for $15
  5. quest4reds

    Keel roller challenge

    Thanks. I feel a whole lot better about this now. I actually have two sets of bunks already, appears I do have centering bunks 2X4 running from the transom to about 3/4 of the way to the front of the boat and a second set of 2X6 bunks just outside of the stringers which appear to be positioned very well for the hull design. I also do have a keel roller. Assuming I won't just be able to remove bunks without taking some of the weight off, what's the best way to go about this? I don't have a place I can drop the boat in the water and dock it while I replace bunks, and I can't imagine how I can jack the boat up safely.
  6. quest4reds

    Keel roller challenge

    I always rinse my trailer very well with fresh water each time, especially around the wheels and springs, maybe it's working, or maybe not, I got the trailer with rusty leaf springs. As for doing the repairs, I restored a 1978 F150, which entailed pulling the leaf springs off, coils, fuel tank, etc., I should be good for swapping parts on a trailer. The two issues I have are bunk geometry (getting them in the right place so they provide the proper support), and there is a boat sitting on my trailer so how am I going to do all this work?
  7. quest4reds

    Keel roller challenge

    Ok, my trailer is in serious need of some attention. Rear cross member rusted pretty badly, the only 4 bunks are all loosing their carpet, one wheel well cover is loose and rattles while driving down the road, I have no keel roller, the front roller where the bow sits has a crack on the edge, the strap is severely faded, the crank is fairly rusty as well, and I have very rusty leaf springs, rather than the preferred torsion axles. Before you jump on me for lack of maintenance, this is how I inherited the trailer when I purchased my boat. Link to pictures below. All that being said, is it worth all the time, attention and money to repair, or should I look at new trailer all together? If I'm looking for a new trailer, is there one that would be a good choice that has adequate support, torsion axles, keel roller, etc., already installed? Boat is 2013 RF 18. *Edit* I'll add that I have zero experience working on boat trailers. I am fairly adept with carpentry, but I don't think that really applies too well here. Wasn't trying to hijack the post, but it was all about trailers so I figured I'd ask.
  8. quest4reds

    So easy, even an 8 year old can do it

    Awesome! Boy I can tell that kid is yours.
  9. quest4reds

    1990 Redfisher budget build

    Wow! What a project. Looks like it's going to turn out very nice. Can't wait to see it out on your first sea trial. Thanks for sharing this with us.
  10. quest4reds

    My new to me 2013 Redfisher 18

    Put the transducer shield on today, and fixed my Power Pole with replacement parts they sent me for free.
  11. quest4reds

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Repaired my Power Pole with the replacement parts they sent me and installed a spray shield for my Garmin transducer to stop the rooster tail from happening.
  12. quest4reds

    Power Pole and JLMarine systems experience

    I can't agree more. I will definitely be singing their praises every chance I get. It's unfortunate really that not too many companies that I have found are willing to stand behind their products just like this. I've heard pretty good things about Costa sunglasses, but fortunately haven't had to try yet. I know my brother has at least twice and he raved about their warranty program. Sent them a pair of 10+ year old glasses just because the color of the frame had faded. They said that model wasn't made still so just pick another one and they sent it. Another time he sent a pair back cause some of the rubber fixed to the frame around the nose bridge or ear piece came loose and they fixed that no issues either. In other news, I installed my Power Pole replacement parts today, and everything works as it should. I probably have enough hose to do it again and enough oil left over to completely fill the reservoir again. Now just have to get back on the water after the RTV sets up.
  13. I know I've seen a post similar to what I am about to write somewhere, but I'm gonna write it anyway with regards to my experience with Power Pole customer service and their warranty program. Last Monday I headed out fishing, made it about 1/2 mile down the road and noticed a problem. A hose sprung a leak and allowed the Power pole on my boat to fall and drag on the road while driving. I am the third owner of the boat and have no idea when the Power pole was installed. I called customer service and explained what happened and that I was not the original purchaser of their product and I didn't know how old it was. They asked me for a serial number and my address. This was Friday at 4:47pm. Parts, all of them including oil, fittings, new spike and hosing shipped that evening and arrived Monday. Incredible! I was so impressed by this, and all the other stories I've heard about Power Pole's legendary customer service and warranty, that I am ordering a twin for my existing Power Pole.
  14. quest4reds

    Hewes with F300!

    WOW! For what it's worth, I like the first one pictured above, the darker grey one. Apologies for not knowing the actual name of the color, I'm kind of a newbie here.
  15. quest4reds

    Okay, MBG, whats the deal?

    whichwaysup I sure hope all 30,000 don't show up at the ramp when you take delivery of that 21 you're going to be using for marketing! 😆
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