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  1. quest4reds

    Spinning Reels

    Check out the Florida Fishing Products Osprey line. The new Osprey CE is $199 but the original Osprey I think is right there at $149. I got two of the original Osprey reels a year or two ago in 2500 size, I love them and they still run like new. This year I picked up one of the new Osprey CE in 1000 size, phenomenal reel is my initial reaction. Sexy, light weight, and still gives you 26lb of drag! Definitely worth looking into at least.
  2. quest4reds

    chili------beans or no beans?

    Chili with: No beans is stew No meat is soup IMO, chili also requires some heat. It doesn't have to blow your socks off and make you lose your sense of taste for the rest of the day, but it should have some bite.
  3. quest4reds

    Anyone tow a 22te with a four door Jeep Wrangler?

    Well I figure I'll stir the pot a bit. Ever see those stickers on Jeeps that say "It's a Jeep Thing"? Yes you have because they are rarely towing anything to be in the way of that sticker.
  4. quest4reds

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Very nice. I'm liking the Dunn Rite Customs logo in there. I have one of those rods! LOL.
  5. quest4reds

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    I need one of these. Cool!
  6. quest4reds

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    I definitely prefer ammo that works, but as it has become so expensive nowadays, I try at least to make them work.
  7. quest4reds

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    I will try some of these brands out. A little tip for those shooting rimfire, if a round doesn't fire on first impact, turn it and try again. For me 9 of 10 times it fires. They use a small amount of primer powder and spin the casing so powder collects at the rim, sometimes there are gaps which won't ignite when struck by hammer.
  8. quest4reds

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    Ok, subsonics or CBs is what I know them as. I can't run them in my Ruger. I do enjoy shooting them with my rifle however, it's quieter than most air rifles these days.
  9. quest4reds

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    Mine meaning? A Ruger? How will does that low noise ammo work? Is it HV?
  10. quest4reds

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    To be honest, I don't remember exactly which brand I have run through it, I know it's been several types (I don't think I've run CCI in this caliber). As long as it's high velocity, it has cycled it all well. I have tried regular velocity .22 LR ammo and that will cause it to stove pipe or fail to load next round most times.
  11. quest4reds

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    Looks like you're fairly squared away with what you're looking for, but thought I'd chime in with my two cents. I got a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 lite a few years back and I absolutely love it! Super accurate (like really), next to zero perceived recoil, and loads of fun to shoot. It only likes high velocity ammo so if you're plinking cans you won't know if you hit it or not cause the rounds go through so fast it doesn't even move the can. Heck it makes holes in clay targets rather than breaking them right away. I know this wasn't what you were looking for, but I think I heard you mention maybe picking up some other guns too, so maybe take a look at this one. Other things you may like, it's the light weight version of the match grade target pistol, available in multiple colors, has two 10 rnd magazines, and comes from the factory with a threaded barrel making it ideal if you'd like to install a can (that HV ammo has a lot more crack to it that the regular LR).
  12. quest4reds

    Inshore rod recommendations

    I almost forgot about registering for warranty, thanks for the reminder. So this build was $200 for those following along. I didn't have a whole lot of specific stuff added. I used the recommended components, chose two thread colors, how I preferred split handle below the reel seat, mentioned it would be cool to have a redfish decal and my handle on the rod somewhere and he did the rest. Completed a lot faster than I anticipated too especially considering he was sent the wrong blank the first time and had to wait for another one to ship. Very happy so far, hope it performs as good as it looks.
  13. quest4reds

    18 master angler with 300 etec

    WOW! That thing should scoot! Look forward to hearing performance numbers.
  14. quest4reds

    Inshore rod recommendations

    Competitive with high end Falcons, way less than Loomis. I don't mind telling what I paid, as long as Miss Jazzy doesn't. I got to choose about everything about this rod from blank length, strength, action and color, to the grip type, reel seat orientation, hook keeper type, eyelet style, and of course the thread colors. And then there are the added details like my screen name and the redfish decal. I'm pretty well set up with rods at the moment, but in the future (after I have had a chance to fish and catch some with this rod) I am already considering having him make me a speckled sea trout rod.
  15. quest4reds

    Inshore rod recommendations

    My custom rod has arrived! Big thanks to Miss Jazzy, aka Dunn Rite Customs, for making me a custom redfish rod. It looks and feels amazing and I can't wait to use it. I've included a couple pics of his work, he may have better pics than me so hopefully he'll chime in as well. The thread color choice was my idea, I wanted the colors to be like a red drum with that beautiful blue at the end of the tail. The pic I included shows that thread and also one additional detail that was only included at the first (closest to reel) eyelet, the rest of the wraps lack the tail spot. All the wraps, alignment and fitment are top notch IMO and it's set up just the way I like it from the handle to the hook keeper. Thanks again Miss Jazzy!
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