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  1. quest4reds

    Coming soon

    Thanks for the reply and good information. I'd love to take you up on your offer to show me around especially when it comes to passing through the trouble areas. It looks like my move is going to be postponed a bit due to my recent knee surgery but hopefully by only a few months but that remains uncertain at this time. As for swamp phase being the worst, I'd have to go with mountain phase personally. Of course I got to do it twice in a row🥵
  2. quest4reds

    Coming soon

    Thanks so much. I would much rather patronize places that has been recommended than just use whatever names google provides. I'll definitely pay them a visit when I get there. I'll check out that podcast too. Thanks again.
  3. quest4reds

    Coming soon

    Hello all! Have a bit of a favor to ask. It turns out my new home will be somewhere near Fort Walton Beach / Niceville / Destin Florida come November, currently in North Carolina. I am really looking forward to exploring and fishing the area with my Hewe's Redfisher 18, as I haven't been able to fish since I tore up the ligaments in my knee and had surgery. Should be recovered enough to launch and recover by then. The favor I'm asking is just a little direction to speed up getting to know the area, but more importantly to understand what and where dangers might be so I'm not putting m
  4. quest4reds

    Best Marine Battery

    Hey all, thanks for all the responses. So here's what happened. I decided to go with the Sam's Duracell AGM group 31 like most mentioned. Noticed they were longer than my interstate batteries I'm replacing but thought I have a little extra room in there, I'll be able to make them fit. NOPE! The group 31s and 27s are 13" long, group 24 or 34 are 11", I need 11". So I look at Sam's group 34s which will fit, but recent bad reviews and almost no recent positive reviews scared me away. Looked for a Dekka dealer, nearest one is almost 90 minutes away. So I originally had my batteries te
  5. quest4reds

    Best Marine Battery

    Did a search and didn't come up with what I was looking for so here goes. What is your preferred brand and type of Marine battery? Interstate was recommended from a seasoned boater, Optima was recommended by a friend but he doesn't have experience with their marine battery, and another friend and boater suggested LiOn. What's your favorite and why?
  6. quest4reds

    What did you do to your boat today?

    My Vortex hub assemblies have a zirk fitting on the axle side to add grease. Remove cap, add grease and watch old grease come out from the cap area, then resecure cap.
  7. quest4reds

    What did you do to your boat today?

    The black cap screws on yes. Pretty thick plastic and has an o-ring seal as well.
  8. quest4reds

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Installed new Vortex hub assemblies on the trailer followed with new Aluminum wheels and radial tires. Had a tire blow out coming home from last trip out while still 90 minutes from my house. I had a spare and tools but it was still quite an adventure as it happened on the driver's side along a freeway with a speed limit of 70mph and almost no shoulder, maybe 18-24 inches tops! A friend recommended the wheel and tire combo and that I replace hubs at the same time. I'm glad I did as one of the bearings was well on its way to imploding.
  9. quest4reds

    What Is This

    No clue. But maybe somebody fabricated a rod holder that would slide on to this and lock in place? Thinking one could just pull the rod holder and carry all at once rather than handle them individually. Could have similar rig in truck bed?
  10. quest4reds

    2013 RF18 Livewell filling issue

    Three batteries and charge via an on board charger. I'll try that with the live well pump. Can't tell you the voltages yet, dark and raining here now so I'll get out and run some voltage tests as soon as I can.
  11. quest4reds

    What do we do when it's too cold to fish? Dino...

    It gets too cold to fish???
  12. quest4reds

    2013 RF18 Livewell filling issue

    Update: Took the boat out yesterday and had an array of apparent electrical issues. Livewell wouldn't fill, power pole was very slow, like VERY slow, trolling motor seemed like it was running half speed, spot lock quit several times, stereo would not stay on. I have heard spot lock can be very voltage sensitive and the other problems appear to be some kind of electrical problem. I'll be checking all my connections and testing some voltage on my batteries as soon as I can. On an unrelated topic, on my way home I experienced a flat trailer tire while still 90 minutes or so from home. I
  13. quest4reds

    What was your favorite gift this year!!!

    I don't see how the pink ironing board cover relates to boating or fishing. Am I missing something? You're going to like that TM control pedal. Way better than fiddling with a remote while trying to fish.
  14. quest4reds

    2013 RF18 Livewell filling issue

    Mods, can this be moved to General forum? Not so sure this is a RF specific question.
  15. quest4reds

    2013 RF18 Livewell filling issue

    Last time out I turned the livewell fill on and I can hear the pump running but no water flowing in. Checked the cheese grater and it's clear. Anyone have this issue? Is there a simple fix? Maybe putting a hose at the fill hole and pushing water back towards the pump? I had this happen once or twice before, flipped the switch pump turned on but no water. Flipped switch off then on again and water starts pumping in. Did this about 5-10 times this time but no water coming in. Thanks for any advice.
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