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  1. Fishingfrenzy129

    1992 18.5 MA Rebuild

    What a great story behind this boat. Awesome you guys are restoring it together to last another 30+ years. Keep the updates and pictures coming! I have a 94’ and I’m sure this will be in my future at some point, just hopefully not anytime soon lol
  2. Fishingfrenzy129

    1994 18.5 Master Angler

    What motor did you end up going with for the Repower? I’ll probably switch to a Yamaha SHO eventually down the road but I’m going to rock the ole 130 until she quits on me
  3. Fishingfrenzy129

    1994 18.5 Master Angler

    Thanks for the insight DC. You can’t beat an ole 2 smoke Yamaha! I’m running 39mph with 2 people turning 4800 WOT. I can trim up and get 5800 out of her at WOT but can only pick up a mile an hr. Ran 39mph with 4 people loaded down in the keys over the weekend. Jumps out of the hole no problem, just figured I would get a little more then 40 out of her. But it sounds like I’m in the right range
  4. Fishingfrenzy129

    1994 18.5 Master Angler

    I’m sure he would be able to make it happen. Can make a copy of mine or make it custom. He’s been cutting a few different ones for some other buddies as well. Shoot me a PM and I will talk to him about it.
  5. Fishingfrenzy129

    1994 18.5 Master Angler

    A good buddy of mine has a CNC machine and we designed the panel on CAD and cut it out in his garage. The switches are blue seas 4160 led push button. I forget where I ordered them online but they were only $15 each
  6. Fishingfrenzy129

    1994 18.5 Master Angler

    Thanks for all of the kind words. The wiring was a disaster and bothered me from day 1. It was a time consuming process but definitely worth it in the end! Here’s the only picture I have or the original wiring mess. Now to squeeze 2 8.8 JLs an amp, and 2 trolling motors back in the console
  7. Fishingfrenzy129

    1994 18.5 Master Angler

    Picked this rig up a few months ago and have slowly been cleaning her up. The original owner passed away and the boat sat for quite some time, so it has been a process to get her running smooth again. Just finished up a full rewire with a custom light up switch panel and push button switches. Is anyone still running the 130 on their 18.5? If so what kinda speeds are you seeing with what prop? Thanks in advance. Heres a few pics of her, let me know what you guys think!
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