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  1. Attitudeindicator

    Cast Net Recommendation

    Check out Fitec cast nets.. I have a 10’ 1/4 inch mesh and so far it’s awesome... great warranty also 👍🏻
  2. Attitudeindicator

    Sidescan works!

    Nice! Any tips and tricks on how to use it? I’m trying to figure mine out..
  3. Attitudeindicator

    Hewes 16 Bayfisher re-power

    I don’t think it will be too heavy. but I would be nervous going with an etec since they just discontinued them. I have a 16 bonefisher that I put a Yamaha F70 on and really enjoy it. It’s only 253lbs I believe
  4. Attitudeindicator

    99’ bonefisher repower options

    UPDATE So I haven’t been able to test too many props just yet but I don’t think I’ll be needing to. As of right now the current configuration is 24volt trolling motor with 100-120lbs of batteries in the front hatch. 15 gallons of gas in front tank. (Located in bow hatch 100lbs+-) Me 170lbs My son 50lbs Misc. gear under the seat 60lbs The stock prop was an aluminum 13.5 x15 pitch. I was able to get 6200 rpm at 36mph which calculates out to 5% slip... I thought that was really good the only issue was with all the weight up front I was having a hard time keeping the bow up. With this prop it would loose grip anytime I trimmed it past 3/4 positive trim, also in turns it would loose its grip so I would have to be careful running around mangrove lines and channels. Today I picked up a Powertec SCD3 in 15 pitch and ran it around. So the max rpm and speed remained the same. 6200 and 36mph The huge difference was the amount of grip this prop provides. I was able to trim engine all the way up with no issues and turns were effortless. I don’t know what you guys think but I feel this is probably the best match. Using the calculator if I drop down to a 14 pitch I’ll be at the rev limiter but with my experience so far the max speed won’t change. Doing that will make the slip 1% which I feel is a little unrealistic. Anyhow this is what I’m coming up with and I hope it helps anyone looking for prop recommendations.
  5. Attitudeindicator

    Need 2003 Hewes Bonefisher for measurement

    I have a 99’ 16’ bonefisher I can measure if that helps
  6. Attitudeindicator

    Repower Hewes 16 1994

    I agree. I had a 2016 etec 150 on my previous boat... 4 stroke beats on noise level for sure
  7. Attitudeindicator

    1997 Bonefisher release well

    I have a 99 bonefisher and am not aware of any release well. Are you referring to the big storage area you sit on?
  8. Attitudeindicator

    Repower Hewes 16 1994

    Yes your right! It’s a 13.25 x 15. 3 blade.. I’ll edit the original post to avoid confusion. thanks for pointing that out 👍
  9. Attitudeindicator

    Repower Hewes 16 1994

    the max rpm for the F70 is 6300 rpm I’ll double check the fuel burn this is off of memory. But I’m 98% sure it was 3 gallons per Hour at 25mph
  10. Attitudeindicator

    Repower Hewes 16 1994

    I can tell you at 5500 rpm I’m going 30mph and my fuel is around 6-7 GPH if I’m going around 25mph I get about 3gph fuel burn I’ll make sure to update everything once I get the right prop setup
  11. Attitudeindicator

    Repower Hewes 16 1994

    Also I think my hole shot is great. Some people on forums would say it’s sluggish but I disagree... so far very happy with the F70
  12. Attitudeindicator

    Repower Hewes 16 1994

    I just repowered my 1999 16’ bonefisher with an F70 . I started a repower thread on it, just haven’t updated with performance numbers since I’m still breaking in the engine. currently running a stock aluminum prop I believe it’s 13.25 x 15 I hit 37mph@ 6200rpm full fuel so far once it’s properly broken in I’m going to play around with props. Looking at the powertec scd3 15 pitch to try next Hope this helps a bit
  13. Attitudeindicator

    Bring back the Lappy

    Took this bonefisher out for the second time ever today and received 3 compliments at the ramp. Definitely a head turner 😎
  14. Attitudeindicator

    99’ bonefisher repower options

    Went with a F70. Will be doing some prop testing after break-in . Stand by for performance #s
  15. Attitudeindicator

    New to me bonefisher

    I agree the gray is nice.. actually it’s in the shop now for a re power. Going with Yamaha f70
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