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    Tight fit....trailer fender rubbing Redfisher 18 2019

    Thanks..... will give it a try.
  2. 2019 Redfisher 18/ AmeraTrail Trailer: Noticed the portside fender carpeted area is rubbing on hull causing scuffing and wear marks on fiberglass. . Starboard side has 1-1.5" clearance and is fine. Just purchased from previous owner and wondering if anybody had this issue. Will end up taking fender off of portside and moving over 1-1.5" for safe clearance. Bunker struts are welded to frame and tried to pull boat on trailer very carefully, but end up in same place. Any suggestions besides moving fender over ?
  3. Bo Lamey

    Push Pole retractable bracket..2019 Redfisher 18

    Thanks... just looks like some type of cap or fitting was broke off due to rough edges...
  4. Question: I have a 2019 Redfisher 18 purchased recently from original owner. Noticed what appears to be a "drain tube" located directly on side of hull beneath the retractable bracket. Does this tube outlet have a finished fitting that suppose to fit over it (may have broke off) or is this the finished look. Looked at replacement retractable bracket and did not see this tube even available. Appreciate any help. Thanks..
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