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  1. Folks, trying to determine the weight of my boat. It's a 1985 Hewes Bonefisher II, 18'. I know the Yamaha 130 2 stroke I have on the back is about #350, but any guess on the hull? I am looking at getting a new Ameratrail trailer for it and they asked about the weight. Thanks!
  2. JRHorne

    1985 Hewes Bonefisher II

    Figured I'd start a thread on here to document my 85 Hewes Bonefisher II 18'. I got this boat in Nov 2019 from Coral Gables Florida. Drove it back here to NC. Supposedly, I am the third owner. The 2nd owner, from whom I bought the boat, had the boat from 1999-2019. He told me a few things that I thought were interesting (and really have no way to validate, so who knows!). The first owner had the original cap cut off the boat and put on a new, custom cap. Based on what I've seen from other Bonefishers, that seems to be the case. The cap flairs out well best the side of the hull and it m
  3. JRHorne

    1985 Hewes Bonefisher Owners Manual

    Bump because I've got an 85 Bonefisher II and would love a manual or any other documentation!
  4. Yessss. Can't wait to see more.
  5. We need an update on this!
  6. JRHorne

    1985 Bonefisher II HIN issue

    Welp, I found nothing. No tags, markings, not a thing. I sent a letter back to NC Wildlife and asked them to register it with the HIN from FL to be consistent and they did. Now I need to have some plaques made and stick around the boat with the HIN on it!
  7. JRHorne

    1985 Bonefisher II HIN issue

    Thanks everyone. I'll look this weekend. I've got an automotive extension mirror with light I can poke around with. I'll report back what I find.
  8. Folks, I bought the smurfy lappy that someone posted in the FS section listed on CL in Miami. It's a 1985 Bonefisher II side console. I just sent in the paperwork to title it and NC kicked it back. They say they need a pencil tracing of the HIN before they'll title it. I assume the reason is the HIN is 13 digits on the Florida title (done in 1999). It is listed as RGLF1496K2785. Problem is, the transom on the boat was replaced in 2005, so I have nothing to trace. After a bit of research, Ive come up with 2 theories: 1: This is right when the HIN process was standardized. It was 1984
  9. JRHorne

    Craigslist Bonefisher. Cool Boat!!

    Anyone guess what that thing weighs? I see the motor is about 350#, but what does the boat itself weigh?
  10. JRHorne

    Craigslist Bonefisher. Cool Boat!!

    Why is that?
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