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  1. Cobalt

    Birdsall Horizontal Mount Back Rest

    Wow! Thanks for the post @whichwaysup!
  2. Cobalt

    Birdsall Horizontal Mount Back Rest

    @Fin Addict i am looking into the fold down. Sounds like the best option. Thanks! @whichwaysup never heard of them. I will google today and check it out, thanks.
  3. Cobalt

    birdsall backrest

    @jaco2 hey man you ever get the backrest figured out? I have a 99 mirage hp, got the birdsall mounts but my space for install on my cap is limited. Looking for a way to add one or make this work.
  4. Cobalt

    Birdsall Horizontal Mount Back Rest

    To avoid a mess, have you guys seen other methods for installing a backrest on an old hull? Im old and need the backrest! The other option I can have made is a collapsable backrest affixed to the poling tower. All ideas are welcome.
  5. Cobalt

    Birdsall Horizontal Mount Back Rest

    Anyone add a backrest to a 99 mirage 16.5 HP cap? The distance between the hatches where the brackets go is to narrow, only 2”. I got the brackets shown here in the thread from Birdsall, but the mounting piece is too big. Don't want to reinvent the wheel here if i don't have to. May have to get new mounting brackets that are narrow but longer and through bolt with a ton of 5200. Let me know please if anyone has a better idea.
  6. I have a 99 Mirage HP ready for paint and looking for the original paint color codes. Does anyone have this info or color palettes?
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