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  1. coopaloopa

    rod holder tube end caps?

    I saw on an old post a member mention being able to get these through a mbg boat dealer. I called my local dealer and was able to find them no problem. Hopefully this helps someone in the future.
  2. coopaloopa

    rod holder tube end caps?

    Did you find what you needed? I need the same part
  3. coopaloopa

    Looking for new Onboard Charger

    I am in the same boat as OP and I am convinced my charger is cooking my batteries and I need to get a new one. Would love to go with some of these charge on the run options and I have narrowed it down to the Stealth vs Yardina. Couple questions on the Yardina, I would need a seperate AC charger that could be 1, 2 or 3 bank to charge all of my batteries in addition to the 12x24? I will have to manually switch the Yardina between modes when I want to use my trolling motor at the same time as my outboard?
  4. coopaloopa

    Water in the bilge?

    I have heard the sealant in the deck scuppers can dry out over the years.
  5. Hey MBG Fam, would love some input on a couple questions I have regarding my 2008 Hewes Redfisher 16. 1. I started noticing a faint gas smell in the hatches (front, anchor, rigging) after the boat sit for a while and was starting to worry about a fuel tank issue. I have not found any sitting liquid fuel and no signs of leaks in the bilge or on top of the tank. I was actually impressed how clean the fuel sender connection looked. What suprised me the most, is that my boat has a plastic 30 gallon fuel tank. I know for a fact, another member on here JakeK (who just sold his boat!) had a metal tank in his same year model hull. Does anyone here have a close to 2008 model hull with a plastic tank and is it safe to assume the faint smell is from normal permeation of the plastic tank? 2. My boat is squatty and seems like the 2008 models squat more than others. My scuppers let water in when the boat is at rest and I am getting water backflow through my Bilge outlet with someone fishing on the back or plowing through a no wake zone. I have a hard time believing the plumbing was rigged without a riser loop of some sort but it certaintly seems that way. I have no way of getting to the hose without cutting an access hatch in the rigging compartment, but before I do I was curious if anyone else had this issue with there redfisher? I am worried that the water line comes up so close to the deck, that even if I cut a hole and install a riser loop, it may still take water in when heavy. Should I just install a check valve and be done with it or should I confirm there is a riser loop and assume that will fix my problem?
  6. coopaloopa

    2007 Hewes 16 Redfisher Yamaha 90 2-Stroke Questions

    I have not, but I am actually taking my 16 redfisher in to have the rod tubes fixed. I assume they will have to cut an access hatch into each side of the front storage compartment. There is no way to do it from the anchor hatch. I will report back on how they did the repair when I get it back in a week. For the carpet, a lot of people replace with seadeck or a similar product. I have the old retro Hewes carpet and I think it looks awesome!
  7. coopaloopa

    Battery Issues, what would you do?

    Thanks for the tip! I read about the different in methodology between stealth and yandina. Just curious why you prefer the yandina method over the stealth? Am I right in seeing the setup for the trollbridge being really simple? Looks like I just connect the leads to the batteries and just make sure the pos and neg to trolling motor are coming out of the yardina?
  8. coopaloopa

    Battery Issues, what would you do?

    Would love to setup the stealth 1 soon enough. Any idea on ballpark of cost on the charger?
  9. coopaloopa

    Battery Issues, what would you do?

    Well finally got the issue resolved. That one battery tested without load at 2v. Swapped to new batteries and everything seems to be back to normal. Do any of you have experience using fully sealed flooded lead acid batteries? Thats what I put in and I have only used FLA batteries that needed maintenance/water added. Any thoughts on the "maintenance free" style?
  10. coopaloopa

    Battery Issues, what would you do?

    Makes sense, and is easy enough
  11. coopaloopa

    Battery Issues, what would you do?

    Interesting, I have been reading conflicting info about this. I know you should have them fully charged and let sit for around 24 hours before load testing. I thought you did not need to disconnect the jumper cable and you could just load test each 12v individually with it all hooked up. Is that also the case for my crank battery? Would I get a different reading with and without leads connected?
  12. coopaloopa

    Battery Issues, what would you do?

    The batteries took a full charge last night, they did not get warm to the touch either. Going to load test them today, if all checks out, should I still swap or wait and see. Potentially stupid question (I am still learning the basics of this stuff), is there anything different about load testing the 24v series? Should I just hook up the load tester to each battery as if they were not in series?
  13. coopaloopa

    Battery Issues, what would you do?

    Promar1 3 bank charger, same age as trolling motor batteries, just over two years old.
  14. coopaloopa

    Battery Issues, what would you do?

    Yes I agree, I am leaning towards just replacing. This is one of the batteries in my 24V setup, crank is fine and I load tested it last week and it is still in good shape and is a year and a half older then the trollers. I have had them charging most of the day, constantly checking temp and I have not noticed any increase on the batteries. I will see if they end up taking a full charge and check with load tester tomorrow. Part of me wants to know what went wrong, I hope I am not overlooking something that will just cook the new batteries as well.
  15. coopaloopa

    Battery Issues, what would you do?

    Safe bet, I guess I'm wondering if there's a chance for the battery to bounce back after overheating or if its a no brainer to just replace.
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