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  1. AntonRx

    Rhodan Install

    Well, here it is. Had to drill/tap the left and top holes. used a 1/4-20 tap, with some gun oil to tap the aluminum plate. Was easy. Then, counter sunk holes (prevents spider cracks) and ran bead of 5200. Had to use 2 nylon washers at front right of puck to ensure mount didn’t deform and bend to curve of bow. Was able to through bolt bottom inside bolt. Thing is solid. Pathfinder knew what they were doing by glassing in aluminum plates up front. Attached new Marinco plug. Tmro will be battery install and hopefully, water test. Thanks for all the ideas/help! U
  2. AntonRx

    Mounting a Trolling Motor 2000V

    old thread but I'm looking to install my trolling motor on my 2007 2000v. any chance you could take some photos of inside your anchor locker? I'd like to see how close the bolts are to the edge. thanks
  3. AntonRx

    Rhodan Install

    No. At least on my model, the aluminum plates were glassed in, meaning, they're sandwiched in between the fiberglass, up in the deck... the plate you're seeing in the photo above is the backing plate for the through hook (or whatever you call it) that gets attached to the trailer...
  4. AntonRx

    Rhodan Install

    Awesome. Thanks for that. Looks like your front cleat is further back as well. I wouldn’t be able to attach in the middle like that unless I got rid of the cleat. I wouldn’t mind doing away with the cleat but there are 2 aluminum plates that are glasses in towards the sides, ment for mounting the trolling motor anyway. If I went in the middle, I wouldn’t be hitting the plate for like 2 bolts. Looks like I’ll either have to trim away the bonding stuff or just drill/tap the outer 2 screws. More to come...
  5. AntonRx

    Rhodan Install

    This is really nice! I may have to do the same. Good job man!
  6. AntonRx

    Rhodan Install

    You think you could send a photo of inside your locker like I did? I'd like to see how you handled the sides where the bonding "stuff" is...
  7. AntonRx

    Rhodan Install

    here’s another view. (Upside down again)
  8. AntonRx

    Rhodan Install

    Ok. Looks like I’ll wait in the ram mount. so here’s a shot of my anchor locker. You can see where the top is boded to the bottom on the sides. Is it ok to drill into that for the through holes? (Pic is upside down). From reading older pamphlets on the 07 2000V, pathfinder states to drill and tap the holes for screws when mounting a trolling motor. I’d love to do the through bolts but how when it’s basically right on the edge where all that bonding stuff is?
  9. AntonRx

    Rhodan Install

    No. The stabilizer would be mounted up on the gunnel to strap down the head; preventing it from slapping the hull in rough conditions.
  10. AntonRx

    Rhodan Install

    Good call. Will watch this.
  11. AntonRx

    Rhodan Install

    Nice! Didn’t know about the stabilizer. Looks good. I’ll be installing for first time on my boat. It’s snug but fits perfectly. Just not sure about getting all 4 bolts on the puck to be inside the locker.
  12. AntonRx

    Rhodan Install

    It finally came!! After being on a waiting list x 8 weeks, my 24V 60" Rhodan was delivered. This thing is sweet! Anyway, I will be mounting myself, so, prepare for some nice pics on here these next few weeks. Whats crazy, is they sent me a motor head stabilizer for free??!! Not sure if this always happens for the longer length motors or what but either way, I got that now as well. Look forward to installing and being able to fish the banks by myself finally. More to come...
  13. AntonRx

    Trolling a Motor Mount

    My trolling motor is finally shipping. I’ve searched on here for a good “how to” section on mounting to my 2007 2000V. Can’t find it. Anyone know the best places to search for this?
  14. AntonRx

    NOCO Gen4 Install

    I think it was 1/2”. Don’t need it too thick.
  15. AntonRx

    Bob's Jackplate Set Back

    So, what does the setback actually do? is it just for clearance issues or does it effect the ride/dynamics of the propulsion?
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