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  1. Troubadour

    Motor Repower

    Are you open to other outboard brands?
  2. Troubadour

    Livewell pump

    •Snug fitting rubber glove will help with the grip of the clear cap. •Rotate cap counter clockwise.
  3. Troubadour

    Snipe and Mud Key

    Aquarium water!
  4. Troubadour

    THIS is a sunrise

    Upper 10k’s sunrise...from the bow.
  5. Troubadour

    9/29 10k

    Good luck outlaw. I planned on today and Saturday, but these rains are keeping me away. Watch tommorow be a nice day... thanks dave. AM was the nicest weather on Tuesday, from then on it was downhill!
  6. Troubadour

    9/29 10k

    My day off. Still, much better than a day of work!
  7. Colorful sunrise this morning. Morning started out nice enough, light to moderate chop. Bait is everywhere. At the ramp. In the passes. On Sandy beaches. Hog legs, finger mullet and every mullet size you could think of. Threadfins in 3”-2” are in the lee sides. Didn’t catch any pilchards. Not tarpon fishing , so I released the mullet and used the threadfins. And then the wind started...a brisk sw wind. Fishing outer islands , out of the question! 1 , 21” red and 4 similar sized snook. 1 jack and a few snappers.
  8. Troubadour

    9/23 ENP/10k

    I launched out of the Chokoloskee Outdoor Resorts ramp about 20 years ago in a 16’ skiff. Can it accommodate a 2200v? Ive wanted to do a Lostman’s River trip this year but the wind hasn’t cooperated.
  9. Troubadour

    9/23 ENP/10k

    A mix of 10ks and everglades National for the day. Best of both fisheries!
  10. Super windy conditions! Non stop snapper & snook action till the tide was low. Just one red...🧐
  11. Troubadour

    new to me - photos

    I tried a few props and finally settled on the Enertia. I could have tried a few more but, I’m happy with my setup. And I typically run 4K-4200k as well. Are you using the Mercury VesselView Bluetooth/mobile app? I definitely like the SeaDek 👍 Did you retrofit the console rod holders with the stainless steel kind? Mine has the plastic holders.
  12. Troubadour

    new to me - photos

    John, What prop are you running on the Mercury? I have a 2200v -loaded 2 anglers ,ice /livewell I’m topping at 46 mph. On a light load 48. I have a Mercury Enertia 17p. With a 150 i think you should be breaking 50 mph. Nice ride by the way!
  13. Troubadour

    Tackle Sites ALL SOLD OUT - ??? No way to find 9mm rounds

    Agreed. I’m a big fan of Fenwick rods; the have been unable to fulfill orders for several months. I’m scrounging and repairing my old rods. Might have to go to custom...Cast nets are also in short supply in the 8-10’ sizes. Ammo has doubled in price.
  14. Troubadour

    Spa Day

  15. Great pics and sounds like a great day! Where did you launch?
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