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  1. Troubadour

    2004 2200V engine replacement

    I have a ‘99 2200v. Mercury 150, very pleased with mine. 455#. 3.0L 4 cylinder. Top speed about 48 light load alone. But I rarely ever go that fast. I’m usually at 32-33 mph around 4k rpm’s, 6 gph. Maintenance is a breeze.
  2. Troubadour

    Reclaiming the Everglades is finally within reach!

    I’ll believe it when it happens. 🤞🏼
  3. Troubadour

    Looking for new bag to carry tackle what do you guys use?

    Tote bags?
  4. Troubadour

    Looking for new bag to carry tackle what do you guys use?

    Harbor freight or Home Depot tool bags. Cheap, not fancy. Leader, jigs, hooks, some plugs, weights. Done.
  5. Troubadour

    Parts VU sale

    Headhunter, thanks for posting your experience. Honestly I thought PartsVu was some shady Facebook company. You saved me hundreds of $'s. Thanks man, I'll spend it on gear. 😜
  6. Troubadour

    1900v Questions?

    What numbers are you getting? Mileage/ speed, etc? Do you think you would be underpowered with a 90?
  7. Troubadour

    New Splash well access hatch

    I used a non hinged hatch from greatlakesskipper.com. 12x16
  8. Wow. When you have a chance can you elaborate on the planned electrical rigging?
  9. Troubadour

    99 Path, deck drain options

    I have a ‘99. Side drains. If I’m fishing alone or with another similarly weighted angler I don’t need the plugs. If the boat is unoccupied, I don’t need plugs either. If I do have water because of a loaded cooler , extra anglers, livewell, I use the plugs. The clamshells would interfere with the length of the duckbills in my opinion...
  10. You guys have great chemistry together. A lot of fun watching! Moving is key when you start catching jacks and cats. Mangrove dinners are oh so good. Years back when me and my dad fished Flamingo we always dedicated a couple of hours to catching Mangos. FYI, some of the rivers around Shark /Ponce De Leon Bay have some truly large mangoes especially right before the start of the summer rains.
  11. Nothing else to do put put it together. You’ll be on the water by mid April. 👍🥳
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