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  1. frogfoot

    The Good Stuff

    The Everglades is a unique and beautiful place indeed. Beautiful words from your son. I miss my Dad every day...
  2. frogfoot

    Live well Pump 2200v

    Thanks again Bama...
  3. frogfoot

    Live well Pump 2200v

    Hutch, Ive had my 2200v since August ‘19. I cant really answer your question with 100% accuracy. I can tell you that there are some serious Pathfinder gurus here. Hopefully they (Bamaskeet is one) chime in. Be sure to list your model year. I can tell you that my piping is 3/4, so the sea cock and strainer housing are the same. Good Luck!
  4. frogfoot

    Live well Pump 2200v

    My new to me '99 2200v came with a 500 gph Rule live well pump (center well). Did the 99's come with a 500 or 700? If I ever need to replace the 500 can the 700 be used with similar results OR should I stick with the 500 ? I have a feeling this is kinda splitting hairs, but i'm finding the 700 is available in my area while the 500 i'd have to mail order. Thanks.
  5. frogfoot

    ‘99 2200v Carpet

    Yep, carpet.
  6. frogfoot

    ‘99 2200v Carpet

    Has anyone removed the carpeting in the bow storage and side areas? What did you replace carpet with; paint (awlgrip, imron) etc?
  7. Quality fish! Live bait or lure?
  8. frogfoot


    56 is young got1on. My dad passed at 81. He lived a good life I think. My mom says he did. Last few years he vacationed a lot, etc. We fished but not that often especially the last year. Especially In a 16’ skiff. That’s part of the reason I got the 2200v. He never got to fish in it. I told him once he got better we go...Don’t want anyone to think I purposefully detailed this thread. Just brought back a lot of memories. I like the slogan take a kid fishing , but take your dad too... Bigdave I agree, in all my time fishing have never seen water so low. A peek at Shell Key Bay (local pass through) the crab traps were hi and dry, it was surreal. I saw some kids in a Gheenoe launch, but I don’t know how they fared with the fish.
  9. frogfoot


    Thanks Joe...
  10. frogfoot


    I used to fish Flamingo many, many years ago. '85-'96. The 10k's are a fascinating fishery. The area is vast and local knowledge is a must to really appreciate it. Me and my dad would fish Flamingo inside or outside (depending on the weather & time of year). We went just about every weekend. Fished Flamingo in a SuperSkiff. I miss Flamingo, I miss my dad even more. He passed away a few days ago.😢 I really think he was with us on Saturday. Redfish and Snapper were his favorites and its been a while I had caught so many of them. The weather was awful. He would have had a great time.
  11. frogfoot


    Upper and Middle 10k’s. Fished Saturday (7th of March). I’ve never seen water so low at the Goodland ramp. I could walk beneath the dock pilings. Winter low tides-full moon -honking NE winds= exceptionally low water! I don’t have 4 wheel drive. When it was time to launch the boat , I couldn't muster the courage to do it. I was embarrassed a bit.... Had to watch a few boats launch. Seemed everyone had 4wd and used it. Finally, eyeballed the distance of my rear axle with the trailer wheels...which part of the ramp had the least amount of slippery slime....After about a half hour, I developed the courage. I launched without any issue at all. I love my rolls tandem trailer! Hull rests low, and launching was a snap. Never even got the tires close to that dreaded slime.... Wind was insane , at least 25-30 mph. Not to mention the 50° temps at dawn. Brutally , *** cold. Especially when you leave the nylon windbreaker at home. It was nice to ride in a pathfinder vs my old 16’ skiff. Fishing was surprisingly good though. 6 reds 20”-22”, 2 18” sheepshead, 24” snook, plethora of dink snapper and of course the usually cats. All catch and release. Not bad for 4 hrs of fishing. Low tides are beautiful though. Extra caution needed sure but you really see stuff you don’t normally see with regular tides. Funny how with it being so cold you quickly forget those temps when catching fish...drove all the way home with the heater on.
  12. frogfoot

    Repower pathfinder 22 te

    I repowered a ‘99 2200v. I went with a standard 150 Mercury 4stroke 3.0l. Top speed is about 48 now, depending on loads and seas. Very quiet and the fuel efficiency is the same as a Dolphin skiff I used to have.
  13. frogfoot

    2200v splash well hatch

    Guys, Guys I’m trying to figure out which is the splash well hatch for my ‘99 pathfinder. Does anyone have the dimensions of what fits best ? Is this the one? I vaguely recall a post on this subject but I can’t find it. https://www.greatlakesskipper.com/innovative-product-solutions-520-605-polar-white-12-x-16-boat-access-panel Thanks in advance.
  14. frogfoot

    Repower Pathfinder 2200V-TE

    I rebuilt a ‘99 2200v and powered it with a 4 stroke Mercury 150. The guys on here told me the pre 01’ are light hulls. I get 46-47mph with 2 anglers 3/4 tank of fuel , coolers/ice , full live well. Alone , lightly i almost top at 50 mph. I have about 25 hrs on my engine and the numbers are getting better so i dont think its fully broken in yet . According to the Mercury vessel view app: 3850 rpms 30.5mph, @6.1 gph 4000 rpms 32.5 mph, @ 6.8 gph 4400 rpms 35.5 mph, @8.1 gph I’ll try to get specs at full throttle. I run a 17p Mercury Enertia prop.
  15. frogfoot

    Gel coat rehab

    Very nice shade of green. Good call on not painting.
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