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  1. skoons

    Maverick 18 hpx speaker location

    Don’t think you’ll be able to mount speakers due to the fuel tank. All speakers I’ve seen mounted are in aft bulkhead. By the way, nice cup holders welded to rod holders. Cool idea!!
  2. skoons

    stienhatchee lodging

    Spent last weekend fishing there and stayed at the Hag. People are extremely nice and dock cost was minimal. House we stayed at had been redone not too long ago. Wasn’t the best place but definitely clean and comfortable. Fishing was great!
  3. skoons

    2019 Maverick Hpxv-18

    Still for sale? Buddy left message but hasn't heard back from you. He is serious and looking to buy HPX before year end. His number is 904 813 3661.
  4. So glad I saw this post this morning. Didn't get my first desired site for after Christmas but got my second choice. Going to be interesting if wind is blowing wrong direction. Have feeling some people will ultimately have issues in the future depending on camping site and weather. Thanks for posting this information!!
  5. skoons

    maverick hpx v drain plug

    At first I felt the same wondering why but I admit I like the idea of having this style on the HPX. Since the cockpit drains into the bilge, I find it to be safer in case it rains an enormous amount or you have a large wave come over the bow dumping into cockpit and your bilge pump quits on you. Using the rubber plug internally would allow you to drain boat as you are running it. Obviously this isn't something I would recommend unless absolutely needed. That said, I only put the rubber plug internally when camping in Everglades. If it's just for a day trip, I place the plug from the outsi
  6. We ran south out of Rod and Gun Club each day. Fished mostly the outside north and south of Lostmens.
  7. Good friend of mine and I took the HPX down to the Glades from Thursday to Sunday. Besides a few showers we had to dodge or run away from, the fishing was great! I’ve been down there enough to know a few consistent spots and learned a few more this time. Plenty of reds and snooks caught each day. Lost one really nice snook and caught a 36”. Most fish were caught on top waters. Also lost a tarpon but really didn’t have the patience to fish for them using artificials. On Sunday, we made the decision to leave Everglades city and head back up to Jax to catch a few more reds in the marsh based
  8. skoons

    Rust Remover

    Looks like the screw is the issue. Before you use any chemicals remove the hinge. Clean the area and replace With new screws and sealant. Reach out to gemlux about safe rust remover as well. I’ve heard various products can damage and cause more rust in the end.
  9. skoons

    18 HPX w 150 prop question

  10. skoons

    18 HPX w 150 prop question

    Just ordered another HPX but went with a 150 this time. Did a search but couldn’t find any info on props for this set up. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks
  11. skoons

    2018 2300 HPS

    Jon Freels of Freels custom canvas made the cover. He’s located in Jacksonville. He made the cover for my previous boat as well. He is top notch!! Jon’s cell is 904-586-1183 in case anyone is interested. I highly recommend him.
  12. skoons

    2018 2300 HPS

    2018 2300 HPS 250 SHO with 110 hours (100 hour service just completed) Kingston grey hull with matching two tone console Black pwder coat pkg 2 Black 8' Blade power poles 36v Ulterra 12" Simrad with 1 in hull transducer and 2 others in stern 2 JL 8.8 speakers and 400W amp Stealth Charging unit Back seat and cushion Custom cover Custom Bimini All 4 Gel batteries located in console with covers. $72,000 title in hand, located in Jacksonville 941-586-9373
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