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    1999 MA Front hatch drain fixtures

    Kookman is childhood nickname close to my last name, nothing to do with surfing but i have attempted occasionally. I will look at your repair threads to check it out. Jim
  2. Kookman

    1999 MA Front hatch drain fixtures

    Whichwaysup, Hey Neighbor, hope all is well! She is a 99 Master Angler 18.5. I will post some photos soon, just finished some Gelcoat repairs as well. I am getting ready to start fishing in the IFA Redfish tournaments.(SC schedule below) Now that i have a little more time. Trout fishing locally has been decent, have you been out?? Jim Georgetown, SC April 4th Carroll Ashmore Campbell Marine Complex (Hwy 17 at Sampit River Bridge) Carroll Ashmore Campbell Marine Complex Click for Georgetown Navionics map Beaufort, SC August 22nd Downtown Marina Downtown Marina
  3. Hello, new to the forum, been restoring a 99 Master Angler, working on some finishing touches, was wonder what are some options for the drain holes for the front hatches. Previous owner just has some pvc which is not working for me. looking for some options? Jim Hampstead NC
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