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  1. justfish

    WTB 2300 DV

    Not sure if your on the Facebook but there is a owners group that would prob be a good resource and place to watch. Great little hull, have a buddy with one
  2. I read it as thats what he bought
  3. If your willing to go to St Aug, Ryan with Blue Horizon Boat Repair is legit. He is in the (mostly) marine industrial complex off Kings St with Spectrum who has had anything I’ve ever needed for my MBC boats. Not sure if they supply MBC, but they keep a database of all of them.
  4. justfish

    22 Pathy for sale

    This is why I just decided to keep my boat and not try to get into a Redfisher. All boat pricing is crazy but MBC products seem to be off the charts due to sale of company I guess. I couldn’t find anything remotely reasonable. This guy is off his rocker tho.
  5. justfish


    Good looking boat. Curious why deck was cut for tank removal? I had a 1996 Bayfisher and could have taken the tank out of hatch. Is that not the case on the bonefisher?
  6. justfish

    WTB 18 Redfisher

    Thanks but looking bigger, or smaller and cheaper and keep the bay boat.
  7. justfish

    WTB 18 Redfisher

    Seriously considering downsizing from current bay boat back to flats boat. I keep coming back to an 18’ Redfisher. I want something smaller and more manageable to get into our creeks with my 4 year old but still make momma happy enough to go to cruise some and go to sandbar. If anyone has one or knows of one for sale, I’d appreciate leads. Few years old is fine, but no problems or projects please. Budget is around $35k. Any other similar boats I might be ignoring please send my way too.
  8. justfish

    Cobia bay weight vs. Pathfinder weight

    I’m not familiar with the cobia but owned a 1900 for number of years. It’s kinda “stripped down” inside with no hatch liners or extra fluff and coupled with the huge beam, it will really impress you with draft of that’s what your concerned with. I imagine the 20 is close, but prob weighs a good bit more. I know my 22 was noticeably heavier than the 19.
  9. justfish

    Any quartine projects?

    Thank you all for compliments. Was a cool project for me to put some closure on some of the house debacles we had and really because it was one of me and Sullys first real projects together. He loves to use it and tell people about the “outdoor shower” he and daddy built 💙
  10. justfish

    Any quartine projects?

    If I can do it, you definitely can 😬
  11. justfish

    Any quartine projects?

    Thanks Fin. It is crazy how fast it goes , he’s a blast now! Got promoted to Capt about 6 months ago and can’t waste as much time on this site at work... They expect me to work now It’s rediculous 😆 As always best to you as well old friend
  12. justfish

    Any quartine projects?

    Thanks Brian. Hope your enjoying her still. @BradM on here shot me a pic of you on it at Ft George a few weeks ago. Still looks like she’s in great shape!
  13. justfish

    Any quartine projects?

    Thanks brother !
  14. justfish

    pontoon boats

    Beautiful place. While I was growing up we frequently visited two uncles one on lake Oconee and one on Lake Hartwell. Both always had a bass boat and pontoon boat. We had tons of fun tooling around the lake and tubing and even fishing off em. Seems like a great option on those lakes up there.
  15. justfish

    Any quartine projects?

    More of the helper and a hint as to why it took a whole quartine to finish: Helping: More helping: "Z" Walk in design with no door to try and keep it open feeling: Hot and cold and a dog/beach sand hose as well: Pretty much all wrapped up except for stain on deck but Im gonna try to redo the big one and match this and get some rocks in-between pavers and deck. I actually finished it a few months ago, just getting around to posting ... I have only taken one shower inside the house since its been completed. It's amazing, I wish I had done this way sooner.
  16. justfish

    Any quartine projects?

    Seeing if anyone else got anything productive done during this mess? I had a pile of lumber behind garage - all leftover from the demo or rebuilds. I had a weird corner of unpaved area and wanted to block the pool equipment so kinda reversed engineered an outdoor shower outta it and used it all up. It's pretty much all from the leftover except a few of the 4x4's and the metal. I also have a 3 year old that we pulled outta school with no other childcare....so he was wanting to help every step of the way. Started with highly detailed engineered blueprints: If you've never tried to use string to set posts with a 3 year old and dog running around, you've missed out on tons of fun..... Once we got through that, things started coming together: My little helper:
  17. justfish


    I’ve never clicked on it, so didn’t realize it was click bait ....but saw someone wearing one in public recent so someone’s making them. Wondered what MBC would think of it.
  18. justfish

    Pathfinder 1800/1900

    Like Brad said I had both and fished a lot of same area you are talking about. Surprisingly I didn’t give up any measurable draft. The wide beam and light weight of the 1900 makes it pretty shallow drafting. Real 12-13”, same as bayfisher. The big thing you will give up is ability to pole. I obviously could get the Bayfisher shallower by poling. I have seen some poling platforms on 1900 but I didn’t have one and can’t really see poling one except in perfect conditions I never had proposing issues with mine but the 4 blade is a must for handling. For running the beach, scalloping, running round the keys all the other stuff you mentioned , the Pathy will be head a shoulders a better boat with the family. I had one major complaint about mine , that was the side scuppers. Without plugs in, they let water in and drained poorly. The 2003 and 04 I believe have the rear scuppers that address this. I would focus on boats with those.
  19. justfish

    New shoes for the tow vehicle

    This is true. They are always running some holiday sale too. They have their own brands of tires which are made by the big boys just for them. Check out Pathfinder, it’s what I put on my 1500. Prob close to 20k on em and no issues. I believe made by Cooper and a fraction of price.
  20. justfish

    A little off topic, The admirals weekend project.

    Tell her nice work Chuck.
  21. justfish

    Radar Arch vs T-TOP

    A t top gets in way a little if your lure chunking all day. You get used to it. The benefits - shade, grab points, rod storage, etc etc - FAR outweigh that...I’d never have a bay boat without one now. Also , I have an add on sun sail shade on front of t top that my buddy that does canvas and cushions made for me. It’s nice for sandbar, but can’t really run with it.
  22. justfish

    2019 hps for $40,500 is this for real?

    I don’t know if It’s legit or not , but I’ve made some good deals on “Florida” boats (hewes and Pathy) from out of Florida. Used em for years and made $ when I resold them here. Be worth some investigation and maybe a road trip Been to Buffalo in February, it lovely 😏
  23. justfish

    Egret is killing it!

    Thats one to hang on to then! My understanding is the poly tanks can theoretically pretty much last forever but I don't know anyone who's lived forever to verify
  24. justfish

    Egret is killing it!

    You forgot Hewes. I can't speak to the others but I can can to my old 1996 Hewes. Uncoated aluminum tank as well but wide open easy access to it in front hatch to keep an eye on it and plenty of threads on here about replacing them without cutting the boat. Plenty of threads on here, FB and other sites about early 2000 2400's tanks needing replaced. Aluminum tanks have a relatively short service life, so if your gonna put an unprotected one in the belly of a boat, put some thought into when (not if) its gonna need to come out. That could be easy access like my Hewes or a removable panel to get access to it. (I think my buddy's action craft had one in front of console) I don't know when the industry or MBC started using poly tanks but my two Pathfinders (1900 02 and 2200 03) had them. Not sure why they chose aluminum for the 2400's of same era vs poly for the others but its an ugly proposition getting it out, and exactly why I don't have one now.
  25. justfish

    My NON MBG Boat Remodel/build

    Really cool tinny
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