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  1. Gwpbob

    My Garmin 740s died - need replacement

    I have just the head no transducer or power cable it was removed in working order for a larger unit make me an offer
  2. Gwpbob

    Rocker Switches for 2011 2200 TE?

    New wire marine will be able to match your switches I’ve replaced multiple switches on my rig and all the covers originals couldn’t be read any longer they were very helpful
  3. Gwpbob

    Wanted: Garmin 740s

    I have one I removed in working condition no transducer or power cable if you are interested make an offer I have mounting bracket an Manuel only reason it was removed was for much larger unit
  4. Gwpbob

    Lowrance HDS Carbon 16

    New Lowrance HDS Carbon 16 with all the hardware $3500. OBO
  5. Gwpbob


    Thanks HoneyB, I have a switch that has 1,2, both and off also there are two battery switches not sure why eng starts on 1 or both not on 2
  6. Gwpbob


    I have a 2011 pathfinder 2200 TE XL with a 250 SHO the boat came with 2 cranking batteries and 2 group 24 trolling motor batteries. I would like to change the trolling batteries to group 31’s bu there isn’t enough room under the console with the 2 cranking batteries in there. So my question is can I get away with one cranking battery and what wiring do I have change to do that. Any info would be appreciated thank you in advance Bob Ruf
  7. I have a 2011 pathfinder 2200 TE xl looking for help changing switch/gage panel. I purchased a new panel on the internet but when looking underneath it’s quite intimidating. Are there large connections that would allow for removal of the panel completely or do I have to do each switch and reset breaker individually? Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you Bob
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