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  1. Buster

    Marathon FL fishing knowledge

    Mackeral should be abundant bayside in 8 10 ft of water.
  2. Buster

    Trolling Motor Batteries under console

    2 group 24. Don’t think they will fit through flip up seat.
  3. I have an 03 redfisher 18 with 2 trolling motor batteries under console that need to be replaced. Would it be easier to unscrew console and tilt toward the side or try to go through the little door and remove shelf to access batteries?
  4. Buster

    Fuel Fill Hose on 03 Redfisher

    Was able to remove fuel fill hose. basically had to remove it to get to fuel pickup. Pickup tube is welded on to tank. I had restriction in fuel line so hjad to remove anti siphon valve. Not much room to maneuver through forward access.
  5. Buster


  6. Buster


    From the album: Buster

    Fuel tank
  7. Need to remove fuel fill hose from gas tank. Anybody been successful removing the hose without cutting it off tank? And does the hose and clamp fit through fill hole on the deck if i need to replace hose?
  8. Buster

    Fuel tank access

    I have an 03 Redfisher18. I Need to access the gas tank to get to anti siphon valve. Can I get to anti siphon valve through the big storage locker hatch? Or do I have to go through console under trolling motor batteries and floor plate?
  9. Buster

    Boarding ladder

    How did you gain access to put a backing plate on the transom to mount that bracket? Don’t think my access plate will give me that much room to get that far over.
  10. Buster

    Fuel tank access

    Thanks. Now I know what the big plate that is screwed in. In the big storage locker.
  11. Buster

    Fuel tank access

    Has 4. 2 side by side 1 big storage and 1 anchor
  12. Buster

    Fuel tank access

    New to me this last year is 03 Redfisher. I believe I have a fuel restriction in tank. Would like to know if I can gain access to fuel tank under console. There are two trolling motor batteries underneath console and wonder if there is access plate underneath. There is a big piece of starboard under batteries blocking my sight.
  13. Buying a 2000v Pathfinder. Need a trailer. What trailers are your using for your pathys? What is the measurement between fenders on your trailers? The new trailers are pricey. Looking for used one in good shape.Thanks.
  14. Buster

    Looking for 22 pathfinder trailer

    First Priority. Do you still have trailer?
  15. Buster

    Wanted: Hewes Redfisher 21 or Maverick 21

    Bobbyp how much for the redfisher 21?
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