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  1. Chief5130

    Fire Extinguisher Mounting

    It is not hard to do. You just need to keep turning it in and backing it out a little at a time to clear the chips. Use a little oil also helps.
  2. Chief5130

    Fire Extinguisher Mounting

    This is what I did. If you are going to drill and tap, I strongly recommend that you use 10-24NC SS machine screws. Install them with anti-seize and you are good to go.
  3. Chief5130

    Add gas shock to front hatch 03 2200V

    I did that some time ago. It is a great addition. No more slamming hatches. For mounting, I used 2 of these brackets:
  4. Chief5130

    Tool Holder

    Here are some thoughts if you are a DIYer. I am superstitious about my pliers (amount other things). They cannot be touched until the first fish is hooked.
  5. Chief5130

    New to Me - MA 18 w/ Questions

    Good looking hull, I have always liked the shear lines of the Master Angler. As for access to install cleats that you do not have access to reach behind, you have 2 options that I know of. 1. Use the backing plate if provided or make one and Epoxy the nuts on to it (See photo below). Cut out the hole for the cleat and insert the backing plate using some monofilament to hold it in place. Put the cleat over it and just get the screws started. Trim off the mono and bring the machine screws tight. I have done this and the cleats have been there for years now. 2. This will be some what controversial with some. Ken Doss (Hobo) posted here that he installed many cleats with just drill and taping the holes for machine screws (Typically 10-24 NC machine screws). I assume he used 5200 or 4200 bedding. He said that he never had one fail. If I were to do one again, this is what I would do too. Good luck!
  6. Chief5130

    Shipping Advice

    Thanks, it is the second one now.
  7. Chief5130

    Shipping Advice

    Update, finally got it shipped and delivered. Used a company called Crate and Freight. Only got one quote from Uship that was 2x what I paid and Greyhound was out as I was 5 Lbs over their weight limit.
  8. Chief5130

    So easy, even an 8 year old can do it

    Wow, this is a special time for you and him. Believe me when I say this will go by so fast and you will be fishing alone as he will be off making a life for himself. He is a special kid you got.
  9. Chief5130

    Boat and Trailer Garage Fit

    I just put up a garage for my 2200v. It is on a Float On trailer. The door is 10' x 10' and the garage is 30' deep. There is about 1' space on each end with the motor tried down.
  10. Went out of the Lafayette Rv. yesterday to try a new area. I got one red fish, this trout and a number of small blue fish. The blues made it almost impossible to fish with plastics. Put just over 25 miles on the boat trying different places. Will try again next week. It is great being retired and not having to fish on the weekends.😃
  11. Chief5130

    Shipping Advice

    Thanks, also looking at Greyhound.
  12. Chief5130

    Possibly ruined 1810v

    I agree, I do not think it is ruined. I would get in there and rip out that carpet and cut a hole in there and see what is going on. That will let you know where you are and what to do if it is fixable.
  13. Chief5130

    Fire extinguisher placement

    I want mine where , God forbid, I can get to it without having to open any thing that might be where the fire is. Never had any rust issues with it there. Have had it there for ~15 years.
  14. Chief5130

    Shipping Advice

    I built this tackle center for a gentleman in Tampa and have to find an affordable way to ship it there. It can be to a shipping depot if that is less, does't have to go to his home. I have not weighed it yet, but guessing 80 - 100 lbs. It can be to Orlando if that is more affordable. Does anyone know what is the most affordable way to send it?
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