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  1. Chief5130

    Fly Tying Desk

    Lumber Jocks
  2. Chief5130

    Fly Tying Desk

    I did not make this. I saw it on one of the woodworking sites I am on and I thought I would share. I tie occasionally, but this is for a very serious tier.
  3. Chief5130

    22 Pathfinder boat cover

    I got this for storing the boat outside while they built my garage. It held up well for 8 months, but I did have to add some additional tie downs and the trolling motor had to come off. Boat Cover
  4. Chief5130

    Nice day today

    Launched at Haven Creek Ramp and fished along to the HRBT. Caught some on popping cork and some on just a jig head. Got a lot of small trout and a few small blues. Have to say it was a perfect weather day today.
  5. Chief5130

    Spinning Reels

    I have a couple of Battles and have had to replace parts on them. There is a small plastic part in the bail release that fails after a while. I will say that Penn has stepped up its game finally and is machining its gears now and not casting them. Shimano and Daiwa have a great marketing program that others like Quantum do not. The Stratic is the 1# selling reel, so they are the target of the other manufacturers. I own a lot of them and have had many different models. The ones that pissed me off the most had the rubbery grip turn to a sticky mess. The older wooden handles were better. The Quantum Smoke has a 5 year warranty. No one else does at that price point. If the Stratic is in your price point, look at the Smoke, IMHO they are slightly better than the Stratic and cost less. Having said all of that, the rod and then the line are more important than the spinning reel, but that is probably a conservation for another post.
  6. Chief5130

    Spinning Reels

    Quantum Smoke. Best warranty, as good or better than a Stratic and cost less. I have had almost all the brands and the Quantum Smoke is the best bang for the buck for me.
  7. Chief5130

    PowerTech CFF4

    Do you have a contact number for Marcus?
  8. Chief5130

    Fishing pole shortage !

    As Norm Schwarzkopf said; “I’ve managed to convince my wife that somewhere in the Bible it says, ‘Man cannot have too many shotguns and fishing poles.’”
  9. Chief5130

    Engine Won't Pee in Idle- Please Help

    I just had the same issue. I tried the mono, compressed air, none worked. I replaced the water pump, still not peeing. So I had to take the feed tube apart in the cowling and working the feed line in both directions and that fixed it.
  10. Chief5130

    2003 Pathfinder 2400

    This was either one of Ken's (Hobo's) boats or he did a lot of work on it.
  11. Chief5130

    Suzuki Power

    I can get a 200 Suzuki installed for $15.5k. Compare that to the price Pathfinder wants for the Yamaha 200 and it is an easy decision. This is where I saw $15.5k.
  12. Chief5130

    Suzuki Power

    I have been looking at re-powering with a Suzuki. They currently do not make a 225hp in a 20" shaft. 200 or 250hp in 20". The price I got was $19k for 200hp, would like to find a place for $15.5k.
  13. Chief5130

    Scupper Problem

    That is basically what my boat came with. They were just inside the exit ring on the transom. They worked for a few years until the flapper dried out. Once I put the Rabuds on, I have not had an issue. In the photo you can see what the boat came with.
  14. Chief5130

    Ode to the Poling Platform

    I had a poling platform on mine for a few years. It was my son's spot. He would see fish long before I would. Now that he is off living his life, I have removed it. Poling from it...I do not think so, but it is a great observation spot. When I fish alone, I chuckle that I have a 22' boat, but only use the first 2'!
  15. Chief5130

    Broken bunk mounts Ameratrail

    These are all unfortunate. I had a failure while on the 95 in Ga. of the center cross support. With the help of Hobo I was able to McGiver it and get home. I went to Float On and they gave me a replacement part, no charge, an additional one for a a great price. I would think Amer Trail would do the same. I do not know where they purchase their Aluminum from, but I have extensive experience manufacturing aluminum. I have had issues with alloys from different mills. ALCOA can be significantly different from ALCAN. Send both to the lab to validate the composition and both are with in spec, but one performed much better than the other. Also a number have commented about the failure mode being the geometry of the support. There is no question in my mind that is significant part of the issue. I do not know what the loads are, but the area that is failing is not the weld but the heat effected zone next to the weld. Standard design mode is to have the material next to the weld 2X the parent material to account for the heat effected zone. The repair that was posted looks like that is what was done. The photo is one of the 1000's of parts that I was responsible for. It is part of the center section of the 767.
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