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  1. greenbone

    Best friend

    We will always remember and miss our best buddies. I love going back and looking at Max and Bubba’s pictures. Now we have Isla and Tully in our daily lives. Good luck David with your new Fish’n buddy . Don
  2. greenbone

    Cedar Key

    Nice fish, luv chasing those reds.
  3. greenbone

    ski behind redfisher 18

    Definitely use the D rings and tow harness. Platforms are expensive to repair.
  4. Always an adventure in the back country. Beautiful area, thanks for posting your trip.
  5. Boat slip available for rent located in the Boat Club on Carrabelle River. Unlimited in/out during operating hours. Club flushes engine and washs vessel from rubrail down. $250 month includes all fees/taxes. Slip will accommodate up to 27’ with TTop.
  6. My buddy Henry and I took off with his camper and my ‘93MA18 to ENP. This is his 1st time fish’n there. Day 1 was East Cape , thru Ingraham, to Middle Cape and out to Sandy. We caught snook ,reds, black drum and plenty of trout. Day 2 we chose inside thru Joes River out to Little Shark, back outside and ‘round the Cape. We boated snook , trout , and reds. Day 3 sent up back up Whitewater to Harney- if you’ve never been, it needs to be in your bucket. Fish’n was just as good, maybe a little better- snook, reds, trout, mangroves, spanish and bonus triple tail. Our trip was perfect. Round ever
  7. Call Troy Cooke, owner Anglers Edge in Madison Fl. 850-93-1300 . He is at Carrabelle Boat Club most every Wednesday .
  8. greenbone

    Ultimate trolling motor set-up for MA 18.5

    As you can see, I have Terrarova 48” on my ‘93MA18.5. A 60” will fit perfectly just clearing the fuel filler . Yes ,the Ulterra would be a great convenience and I think most of the old issues have been worked out. I do use two group 27 wet cell batteries .
  9. greenbone

    New 4 stroke - boat rides stern heavy

    Fatherof4, sorry it took so long to get back with you, I’ve been running from some hurricanes! I’m sure losing that JP helped some weight and porposeing issues. Mine does sit a little heavy so I do put the deck plugs in only if there is more than myself aboard. Come to Carrabelle, we’ll go fish’n .
  10. October 17 & 18 October 24 & 25 October 31 & November 1 Gulf state and Federal waters for private recreational anglers . State-for-hire operations are limited to Gulf state waters only.
  11. Dates to be announced soon
  12. Water was like dirty coffee after Sally. Fished with Jill and Chris Brogdon off Dog Island and Carrabelle. We caught and released a dozen or so upper slots, did keep three to blacken .
  13. greenbone

    Pamlico Sound Area Reds

    Those bruisers should start showing up here in East Pass next month. Two nice catches, right there!
  14. Had to find clean water to find any fish. Fished Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 2-3’ over grassy flats. Popping corks , 18” leader was the best rig keeping bait drifting over the grass. St George and Dog Island flats are on fire .
  15. greenbone

    New 4 stroke - boat rides stern heavy

    Fatherof4 , I also repowered my 93 MA with Yam150 six years ago. Yes it is 100 lbs heavier than the 175 two stroke I also took off. I’m Running 19” 3 blade for hole shots, and yes you give up top end. Mine tops out at 42mph. Never had a jack plate, but I do have to use a little tab to keep from porpoising. I’m also in panhandle area- Carrabelle Good luck
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