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  1. Mad Beach Hewes

    Prop on 2018 2200 TE

    Overheat alarm once you get around 3” at top speed. I will take some photos and post them on here soon.
  2. Mad Beach Hewes

    Prop on 2018 2200 TE

    No T top. I have played with the trim and jack plate. Mine seems to be real sensitive with the jack plate. You can’t run it at 3” it will trigger an alarm. Seems the low water pickup can’t get enough water when the jack plate is too high. I will keep trying though. Thank you for the information.
  3. Mad Beach Hewes

    Prop on 2018 2200 TE

    Thank you I will give !Marcus a call.
  4. Mad Beach Hewes

    Prop on 2018 2200 TE

    Happy thanksgiving everyone. I currently have a Power Tech 0FX4 in 20 pitch 4 blade on my Pathfinder with a 250 SHO. Wide open I only see 5200 rpms and a top speed of 48 to 49. I have been reading through the threads and seems that a 19 pitch would match up better. Any insight if that is heading in the right direction? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Mad Beach Hewes

    First day out!

    Where are these photos taken? Great setting for a great looking boat.
  6. Mad Beach Hewes

    2007 Hewes Redfisher 16 Garage Kept Great Condition

    Dave I sent you a Private Message.
  7. Mad Beach Hewes

    2018 2300 HPS

    Still available?
  8. Mad Beach Hewes

    Fusion MS UD650 Issue

    Well I figured out the issue, that system has 3 zones for speakers and amp. Apparently the first zone is bad not sure if it’s the junction box bad wire or what. Rewired front speakers to zone 2 and it’s working again. Its ok since I only have 2 speakers Will call Fusion tomorrow and see if anything can be done.
  9. Mad Beach Hewes

    Fusion MS UD650 Issue

    All of the sudden my Fusion stereo produces no sound. It powers on and shows Bluetooth music playing but there is no sound. I checked the speakers, only have 2 and both will not produce sound. Checked the speaker wire with a multimeter and the speakers, getting a tone that the circuit is unbroken. Which means they are getting power correct? It’s like its on mute. Which it isn’t. Anyone have any experience with this unit?
  10. Mad Beach Hewes

    Reds are coming alive.

    We have had a few good days and the water temperatures are still up it should only get better.
  11. Mad Beach Hewes

    WTB 2500, 2019 or 18, no tower

    I would say in this market, blue book is out the window.
  12. Mad Beach Hewes

    2200 Performance Numbers

    I have seen this same overheat alarm go off on mine when running full speed with the jack plate up above 2”. My understanding is that the tunnel hull creates an air pocket so water is not getting to the low water pick up which triggers the alarm. I only raise mine up when trying to get on plane in shallow water. Once up on plane lower it back down to at least one inch. When you are running on plane shouldn’t need the jack plate raised that high. Alarm has never gone off since. I have the 250 SHO with 4 blade and only run top end at 50 to 52. But it will throw you out of the boat If not holding on with trim tabs down at take off.
  13. Mad Beach Hewes

    Suzuki Power

    A buddy of mine repowered his 2005 2200 with a 225 and it’s awesome. If I had to repower that’s what I would looking at.
  14. Mad Beach Hewes

    Temporary Boat Storage

    Everyone we are headed to Santa Rosa Beach the week of September 11th. Any idea of a place to store my 2200 for 4 to 5 days?
  15. Mad Beach Hewes

    WTB 2200 around 45k

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