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  1. Hutch03

    Older Pathfinder 2200V - Battery Placement

    Have same setup as fin describes. No problems w a 24v xi5.
  2. Hutch03

    GPS Trolling Motor Connected to GPS

    I have this setup in my 2005 2200v and it has been great for lake fishing. Definitely worth the coin to interface with nema inmo. hutch
  3. Hutch03

    What Length Trolling Motor

    Mine is a 60 2005 2200 v. Hutch
  4. Hutch03

    Trolling Motor Length - 2200V

    Had a 54 mk on my 2200 pf. Went w mg 60 in when replaced. Works great. Bh
  5. Hutch03

    Cocodrie speck action

    Have fished many many times with Ross eichorn out of cocodrie. I am jealous as hell hutch
  6. Hutch03

    Transducer Mounted on Trim Tab?

    Look into the stick on products such as stern mate and stern saver. Used 2 when I remounted my transducers. They seem to work very well and depending on the boat color you might be able to get a pretty decent color match. No holes...
  7. Hutch03

    2400 TRS Bilge Pump questions

    Although there is nothing funny about reaching the bilge pump when I had to reattach mine to the mounting bracket Last week it went like this 1. Lay on stomach 2. Reach as far as humanely possible into hull w one arm 3. Reach farther 4. Pray you can get what you need to get one handed and blind 5. Repeat several times until your prayers are answered.... lots of threads about cutting a larger square hatch and replacing the small pie hole. Now I know exactly they do it....😎😎 hutch
  8. Hutch03

    Trolling motor experiences/advice

    A tm with just a handheld remote was difficult for me. Made me wish for the tiller handle. However when I upgraded my electronics and tied the sonar it into the tm it made using the tm a whole lot easier. I use the anchor on my motor guide or spot lock on mk more than I ever thought I would. But it all depends on how you fish. Lots of research out there on all the major brands. Would I drop thousands for a new top of the line tm....no. Not necessary imho. The mid grade stuff works great hutch
  9. Hutch03

    Hatch latch issue

    Thanks for that good information. Hutch
  10. Hutch03

    Hatch latch issue

    BRUCE. Old thread but how did you resolve the latch issue... the shaft screw of my rod locker latch broke in half. Tried to get gemlux on line a few times but no luck yet. But I cannot get the core of that latch to budge, thanks Hutch
  11. Hutch03

    Electrical problem

    Gentlemen. Thank you for the assistance very much! Hutch
  12. Hutch03

    Electrical problem

    About 50 percent of the time when I hit my trim tabs my sonar goes off. Reboots fine. Any thoughts about this or if you had the problem what was the fix? 2005 pathfinder 2200v with new lowrance unit. Thanks Hutch
  13. Hutch03

    Live well Pump 2200v

    Thank you
  14. Hutch03

    Live well Pump 2200v

    Frog foot. Q question please. I broke the handle off my livewell shutoff and need to replace the plumbing from the sea chest to the pump and the pump. I wonder if you did this. I don’t have any problem doing it except for the riser to the 90 elbow connector to the sea chest. Is this just a standard old run of the mill 3/4 connection? Don’t want to get in there only to find a special part is needed. Thanks Hutch
  15. Hutch03

    Ping Pong Ball Scuppers

    Dusky marine online will carry the 3 in replacement parts you need. Take out the internal flaps. Clean often. I have had very few issues since installing a set on my 2005 2200
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