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  1. Hutch03

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    If you are starting to shoot from scratch like say beginner targets browning makes great 22 pistols For that. If you are thinking about teaching defense fundamentals you will be happy w the m&p style especially if she wants to move up in Caliber say to a 9mm like you and I have. Might sound basic but One of the biggest things is hand size and weight. The pistol should fit and not be overly heavy (have a wife and 2 grown daughters...all were very different in their needs) for the user. Lots of good choices if you can find the ammo. A good shop w lots of options should help narrow down the proper fit for her. Best of luck. hutch
  2. Hutch03

    Navico Education

    Scseadog i have a 3 in 1 on the transom works great. I decided to get a stern saver type pad because the lowrance did not line up w my old Garmin holes. It has worked flawlessly. Make sure you get the large size. If you would like a photo just pm me and I will send you one. Hutch
  3. Where in se tx? Pm me I am in San Antonio. Hutch
  4. Hutch03

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Congratulations on the new motor. Felt the same way w mine. You will have to remember sometimes to turn it off it is so quiet. not to be a princess but I really enjoy that aspect of my Suzuki. I can stand on the stern and have a conversation with the motor running. Hutch
  5. Hutch03

    Suzuki Power

    My 2005 220v is rated for 225 but I went w the 200 for my own reasons. At 5800 rpm wot I do right at 49 but am not propped for speed. Sorry I don’t have a good set of numbers. Again nothing about my Suzuki I don’t like.
  6. Hutch03

    Suzuki Power

    I repowered a 2005 2200v with a 200 Suzuki last year. Just did the 100 hr service. Very quiet and fuel efficient. Having the right prop will be key. Here in Texas the savings over all other brands at the time was substantial. Good luck, Hutch
  7. Hutch03

    What did you do to your boat today?

    100 hr service and all new leafs and hangars on the trailer. Power pole was on the fritz needed a new cap and board. Pp shipped for half price. What a great company. New lowrance 12 inch head unit on order. This is the part where you Bust Out A Thousand more...but it sure is fun... Hutch
  8. Hutch03

    Wiring bow sonar unit

    10.4 gentlemen. Thanks for the info. I knew my first thought was just too darn easy....😎
  9. Hutch03

    Wiring bow sonar unit

    Members I am running Lowrance elite ti2 electronics on my 2005 2200v. I would like to mount a second head unit at the bow w a ram mount etc. These are the units that can wirelessly connect to each other... When I upgraded my tm I had the shop run a power wire to the front. My main question is grounding. I really want to avoid running a negative wire back to the stern. All I have in the bow is the tm wiring and plug and this new wire. my tm actually is mounted on a stainless steel plate the prior owner installed. Not sure I can ground to that. It does not seem right. I just am not great w wiring. it would be nice if all I needed to do was hook up the power cable w an inline fuse and go. But it is never that simple is it?. Here is an old photo of the bow of my boat. any suggestions appreciated. Hutch
  10. Hutch03

    Pathfinder Experts

    Water on the deck of my 2005 2200 v was an issue only w 3 or 4 people in the stern. Rabuds solves the problem for the most part. If the boat is in fine shape and the motor checks out you should be good to go.
  11. Hutch03

    Scupper Problem

    I did forget to mention buy the spacer separately from dusky. That does not come w the rabuds only a gasket. The starboard spacer is what makes this work well. I read a lot of forums posts before I figured out how to offset and tap the spacer holes correctly so I could take the covers off without taking the spacer off the transom. Once the spacer is affixed to the transom with the correct hardware and 5200 mounting the rabud covers is easy. I will stress use the correct screws and be gentle. Don’t want to break one off In the transom...ask me how I know...hutch
  12. Hutch03

    New shoes for the tow vehicle

    Was a Michelin guy for decades. Lately have been impressed with cooper tires at discount tire. Have bought like 4 sets of them. Hutch
  13. Hutch03

    What to look for....

    If I could do it again instead of the 2005 2200 v I bought I would have tried to find a clean xl model or tournament model. My boat has been great since the repower from a 150 yam to 200 Suzuki New electronics and trolling motor etc. But there are few pathfinders for sale here in Texas... Depending what type of fishing you do and how many folks on board the newer wider models would imo of course be better. That said if you opt for a 2200 v which has a much better price point in older models just look things over really well. You are going to spend coin on any used boat to get it right so you hope it is things that are identifiable and an easy fix. And if you get an older boat that has been sitting the first thing you should do is drain and clean the fuel tank. Second change all the engine filters. Common stuff. Don’t forget the trailer. If it is a 15 + year old trailer likely you will need tires and maybe even bunks and leafs. All can be fixed but all cost $$. all in a great line of boats especially if maintained by the prior owner....
  14. Hutch03

    Scupper Problem

    Many posts on this forum about rabud s. Installed mine on 2005 2200v and works great. Here are some photos from forum.. Dusky marine is where I got mine. Hutch
  15. Hutch03

    WTB ??? What's going on ?

    On several Texas lakes I fish if you don’t get off the Water by 11 30 am you might have an half an hour wait to get your boat back on the trailer from everyone launching. On a weekday... Forget the evening bite. Had a good friend who is a boat dealer Said their dealership has sold more boats since March than at any time in their history...back to 1970s...and no inventory left. 6 of every 10 people he demos their new boat for have never set foot on a boat before. Judging by the way people are acting and by the activity on the water I believe that. Stay safe out there... hutch
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