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  1. Sold pending payment. Thanks Hutch
  2. Updated pictures and price.
  3. Hutch03

    2004 2200V engine replacement

    Gentlemen i Re powered my 2005 2200v with a Suzuki dfa200. Works great. I would imagine the 175 hp would be more than ample propped correctly....unless you have a real need for speed. as far as weight and water intrusion had it w my yam 150. Installed rabuds on the drains in back as per the many threads on this forum. And have minimal to no issues. in my part of texas it was too hard to spend the $5k more for the other brands....and that was in 2019... good luck to you both.
  4. Hutch03

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I paired my elite ti2 to my motor guide tm using a gateway cable and a basic nema cable. It’s very very useful feature.
  5. Listing my 2005 Pathfinder 2200 v for sale. The Boat is located near San Antonio Texas and has been mainly used in freshwater by me with a couple trips a year to the coast. Attached are updated photos. It has been a great boat for me and has several upgrades and has been maintained with an open checkbook. $36000 Hold all clear titles to boat and motor and trailer. Here is the important info: Re powered w Suzuki df200a in August 2019. Power tech prop. 105 hrs. 100hrs service done by Suzuki dealer. About 50mph wot the way it is propped now but I don’t run for speed.
  6. Hutch03

    1999 Pathfinder T-Top installation question

    Marc. Not sure this is going to work. But I googled “pathfinder 2200 manual”. This is what came up. I believe there are several. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwign9jYm6vvAhU8Ap0JHbhMDcIQFjAAegQIAxAD&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.manualslib.com%2Fmanual%2F911043%2FPathfinder-2200-V-Tournament-Edition.html&usg=AOvVaw32fnPbrLcIREQgBy3a4Oif not a great computer person I will concede....Hutch
  7. Hutch03

    1999 Pathfinder T-Top installation question

    Winkster a quick google search lead me to this manual. I took a screenshot of the first page and the one you are interested in. You can see the site address on the photos. Hopefully it is your boat but if not the prior advice is good. hutch
  8. Hutch03

    Differences between PF 2200 over the years

    Modaddy i looked long for a 2007+ pf22 but there were none to be had in Texas at the time. I purchased a 2005 2200v and Re powered it w a heavier Suzuki 200 vs the old yam 150. It has been a solid fishing boat. I installed rabuds as per the many articles on water intrusion found on this forum and it solved the issue almost completely. Best of luck w your search. Hutch
  9. Hutch03

    TM shaft length

    60 inch shaft on my 2005 2200v is ample. Hutch
  10. Hutch03

    2000 Master angler for sale

    Maverick there is a boats for sale section at the bottom of the main forums page. I would post a for sale boat there w photos price etc. glws
  11. Hutch03

    All Inclusive resort Family Vaca

    Rubble im not a fan of the govt. I’m not a fan of anything medical that was created at warp speed. I had the COVID and flu at same time in Dec. Glad I did not have the breathing issues but did have other weird stuff I’m reasonably healthy and over age 49. Anytime you get real sick it’s a roll of the dice. all I can say is that the God I serve tells me not to worry cause He’s got this..but also don’t violate your own conscience...or your neighbors. It’s a free country sort of and as long as I can choose I will choose not to get their shot. Nor lock myself in my house and not li
  12. Hutch03

    2009 Pathfinder 22 dash

    Have a 2005. I had to mount my 12 in lowrance on the bracket on top of the dash. It just would not fit in the place in your photo where the unit is now. Hutch
  13. Hutch03

    Tampa Bay Information needed

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Appreciate the insight. Hutch
  14. Hutch03

    Tampa Bay Information needed

    Thank you sir for the information. Greatly appreciate it. hutch
  15. Hutch03

    Tampa Bay Information needed

    Thank you sir for your detailed and informed reply. I greatly appreciate that. Hutch
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