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  1. knotthereelworld

    Another stupid question

    I run my RF18 down there a lot. Great fishing for reds... gold spoons or gold and red jerk baits. However, there are a lot of rocks. Highly recommend a skeg guard. The fish are all over the rocks at high tide. There are more and more rocks the further north from Keaton that you go.
  2. knotthereelworld

    Steinhatchee, Crystal River , elsewhere?

    Come to Morehead City, NC and fish Cape Lookout. September is insane fishing inshore and nearshore and the clearest water you will see in the mid Atlantic. Plenty of bars and restaurants around town.
  3. knotthereelworld

    Shark Problem

    I guess we have them all now. The Asians have nearly fished them out. Personally I think the problem is inverse. There are more people fishing now than there ever have been. Everyone trying to get their limit and you have more shark and hooked fish encounters.
  4. knotthereelworld

    Pheasant Drum Bugger

    Sure thing Marc! I've been hammering the reds on it all summer!
  5. knotthereelworld

    Light tongue weight

    So you'll need a new wife and a new trailer?
  6. knotthereelworld

    Pheasant Drum Bugger

    This is a video Flymen Fly Tying Company did a feature on of one of my flies...
  7. knotthereelworld

    Trim Tab Welds break

    Yes they are Lenco
  8. knotthereelworld

    Trim Tab Welds break

    The guy I bought it from never said anything if they were replaced or not. He was the second owner and claims to know the original owner well. They are Lenco though
  9. knotthereelworld

    Trim Tab Welds break

    Thanks, good to know it will hold. Boat will be back on the trailer at the end of the week and I'll double check the bolts.
  10. knotthereelworld

    Trim Tab Welds break

    It did feel like I hit something. Randomly I took the covers off earlier this summer to redo those screw holes and never put them back on. I am lucky it didn't cause more damage.
  11. knotthereelworld

    Trim Tab Welds break

    Thank you all. Thanks. I've got a good welder friend back in VA. Will probably have him do the welds on both of them this winter.
  12. knotthereelworld

    Cape Lookout, NC Redfish

    Red Drum / Redfish bite has been on fire this summer at Cape Lookout. I haven't even gone after tailers but there are lots of them around according to my friend who is an offshore captain but has gotten bitten by the shallow water bug. He is crushing tailers on my flies. I've spent most of my time looking for cruising fish and exploring new spots when not guiding.
  13. knotthereelworld

    Trim Tab Welds break

    '03 RF18.... Cruising around Cape Lookout, NC on Saturday and I hear a loud noise behind the boat. Look back and my transducer is flopping in the water and my trim tab is just hanging there by the piston. The welds between the tab and the bracket all broke. Looks like it was spot welded 8 times across. As far as I know they are original. The tab flipped up and knocked the transducer off and also caused some gel coat damage. We removed the tab via the three bolts and tied the piston to the poling platform for the ride home. I spent two hours yesterday repairing and clamped the tab back to the bracket edge with vice grips, then drilled 8 new holes and put the tab back on with #6 stainless steel screws and nylon lock nuts. Seemed to work fine on my short run yesterday. Will have my welder friend properly weld it back together this winter. Has anyone else had this happen???
  14. knotthereelworld

    RF18 Gas Tank Capacity

    Awesome, thank you!
  15. knotthereelworld

    RF18 Gas Tank Capacity

    LOL. I do live dangerously since my fuel gauge doesn't work. 40 gallon tank would explain it if that's the case....
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