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  1. knotthereelworld

    Yamaha F115 Trim leaking fluid

    Great, thank you very much. Have run into a few more pressing issues on the boat and need to rectify those first. I'll get to this at some point.
  2. knotthereelworld

    Yamaha F115 Trim leaking fluid

    Thanks! Last night I found an old thread on the Hull Truth referencing something very similar. I'm going to try to pull the motor and see if that's the issue. Getting the motor out is the trick.
  3. knotthereelworld

    Yamaha F115 Trim leaking fluid

    Yep, they are cranked down. If oil was leaking from them it also would have shown up on the paper towels.
  4. knotthereelworld

    Opening Fly Shop - Possible

    Tom, just realized you're the same guy who bought the flies from me off of here. My apologies! Hope you enjoyed them!
  5. knotthereelworld

    Opening Fly Shop - Possible

    I'm a professional fly fishing guide and have been in the industry the past 11 years and have been fly fishing for 27 years so I've got some insider knowledge. I work with fly shops in Virginia and one in Aspen, Co. Here's my perspective..... I too debated opening a shop five years ago, and decided against it. I absolutely love fly shops and love going in them just looking at gear, fly tying materials and slingin the BS. The owners of the biggest fly shop in VA, Mossy Creek Fly Shop, advised me against opening one where I live in Richmond, VA, which is where they are from. Their shop is locate
  6. knotthereelworld

    Redfish on fly

    Southern Wake, where are you located? I also use a Redington Grande as my reel for pups the past year. How do you like the Maverick rod? My St. Croix Legend Elite broke they discontinued it so they won't fix it. I bought a Hardy Demon Salt to replace it but am unsure of it so far.
  7. knotthereelworld

    Yamaha F115 Trim leaking fluid

    Alrighty folks, hope someone can help me figure this one out... 2008 Yamaha F115 with 600 hours. The trim / tilt has been leaking a lot the past six months. I could see fluid/ oil leaking from the two rams on the tilt. I replaced the seals on the two trim rams and figured it was all good now. I've used the boat a few more times and it is still leaking, but not from the rams. A few days ago I taped paper towels to the trim, the tilt and at the base of the tilt motor to see where it could be leaking from. All four of those paper towels are dry, yet there is fluid / oil drips on the bottom of the
  8. knotthereelworld

    Minn Kota Ipilot won't connect to remote

    First issue that I started this thread with turned out to be a bad head that a dealer fixed. My second issue with this motor about 10 months later was due to a corroded wire on the motherboard. It isn't truly protected, even if it is the salt version. Finally got the right person on the phone at MK and sent him photos of the wire that had just corroded in half and they sent me a new motherboard. I heavily coated all of the wiring in dialectic grease. So far, it is working again.
  9. knotthereelworld

    How Lower Outboard When Trim Stuck

    I have a trim issue and have had to raise the lower the motor by hand a lot recently. The motor is not light to pick up. You also need to have the raise button pushed to pick it up. As I'm usually by myself, I put a rubber band around the button on the throttle so that it was squeezing the button and then picked the motor up by the skeg. I recommend using two hands to do so.
  10. knotthereelworld

    MinnKota Terrova Issue

    As noted before, check wiring and connections to the battery. I have had two different issues with my Terrova and you've got to get the right customer service rep at MK. Most of them don't seem to know jack ***. Took awhile for me to cycle through to someone who was helpful the last time I had an issue, which ended up being a bad wire on the motherboard.
  11. knotthereelworld


    Nice fly
  12. knotthereelworld

    Flies - Online

    I tie and fish for inshore saltwater fish as well. Redfish are my favorite and I'm constantly cranking out patterns for them, ones that I've developed and ones other tiers have. For the past three years I've had a tying table at The Fly Fishing Show in Atlanta and New Jersey. I'll do it again this year if CV-19 allows. As with most custom tiers, my flies aren't cheap price wise, but they sure as hell won't fall apart after a fish or two (bluefish excluded) and I can design them pretty much any way you'd like. Prices range from $4 for a Clouser to $6 and up for pretty much anything else. I've t
  13. knotthereelworld

    Redfish on fly

    They are just my absolute favorite. Love tying flies and fishing for them out of my RF18 in VA, NC, SC and FL.
  14. knotthereelworld

    Flies - Online

    What are you looking to buy? I'm a guide and custom tier (25 years experience) and do a lot of orders for folks all over the country.
  15. knotthereelworld


    That is a Toad! Awesome it was caught on your fly
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