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  1. StPeteBonefisher

    Red Tide in Tampa Bay

    Coquina Key, Crisp Park, Coffee Pot Bayou and Northshore are pretty much unbearable. Lots of dead snook and everything else....
  2. StPeteBonefisher

    Red Tide in Tampa Bay

    It is horrible guys. Will take years to recover from this one....
  3. Very fortunate to get to fish the ENP 3 times in May from 3 access points: Everglades City, from Islamorada and then this past weekend in Flamingo. Trip 1: Growing up, my dad used to wake me up hours before sunrise and drive to Flamingo from Fort Lauderdale. I could never sleep the night before...I was so excited. I loved those days more than any. Those long fishing trips bonding with my dad in the park really molded me as a kid and played a monumental role in who I am and why I am today...That weekend I got to return the favor a little bit. My dad flew into town Friday afternoon for a q
  4. StPeteBonefisher


    I replaced my gas tank in a 98 bonefisher and the deck had to be cut as well.
  5. StPeteBonefisher

    WTB SeaStar/BayStar Hydraulic Cylinder

    Thanks guys. Good leads. I’ll check em out.
  6. Hey guys, I have a tiny tiny hydraulic fluid leak in my splash well and will need to eventually replace the cylinder. Anyone have one sitting around? Figured I'd check in before purchasing brand new. I've got an etec 90 on a hewes bonefisher Justin
  7. StPeteBonefisher

    Tampa Bay Information needed

    I like St. Pete..... Old Northeast/Kenwood/Crescent Lake area are all great and a bike ride into town. Fishing is great and there is lots to do. My wife and I love it. As you can tell by my MBG forum name... ha
  8. StPeteBonefisher

    SOLD 12 Skinny Water Culture Shirts (L)

  9. StPeteBonefisher

    SOLD 12 Skinny Water Culture Shirts (L)

    I’ve got an assortment of large Skinny Water Culture shirts available. Cleaning out my dresser. 5 performance long sleeve tech shirts and 7 regular short sleeve t-shirts. 2 of the technical shirts are in great shape. 3 are in fair shape and have some signs of wear. The T shirts are a variety of many older designs and newer designs. None are in new/great shape, but they are all decent enough $75 covers the 12 (less than $7 a shirt) PM me if you want them or text me 770-655-5171 located in St Pete shirts and shipping. OBO
  10. StPeteBonefisher

    Ten Thousand Islands June 20

    Awesome report Dave
  11. StPeteBonefisher

    Everglades City Advice

    Thanks for the advice guys. I will be heading down that way the end of the month. Got a 98 blue hewes bonefisher. If you see me and my wife, say hey!
  12. StPeteBonefisher

    Everglades City Advice

    True. We've been married three years so I'm still learning these things. I'm about to change the title of this thread from "Everglades City Advice" to "Large Purchases- Marriage Advice"
  13. StPeteBonefisher

    Everglades City Advice

    Understood. haha I've been contemplating FMT... maybe this is the perfect excuse. FMT is cheaper than a new lower unit. You'd think the boss lady would understand that...we'll see
  14. My wife and I plan to trailer the bonefisher down (from St. Pete) to Everglades City at the end of the month. A successful trip will be getting back to the ramp at the end of the day with a fully in-tacked lower unit and maybe a fish story or two. Any advice for a newbie to the area? I am choosing Everglades City over Chokoloskee because it looks a little easier to navigate out on Google Earth. I have some experience down in Flamingo, but have never run the 10K islands area and it is closer to home, so going to give it a shot. Any advice from the MBG wisdom would be appreciated 🙂
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