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  1. Fatherof4

    trailer tires

    I have 205 75 R15 on my 1996 Master Angler Trailer. Single axle, aluminum trailer. Trailer is not original. No idea on the brand. I just go to my local tire place and ask for the best trailer tire they sell in this size. In 30 yrs of boating, I have had 1 blowout and it was due to age of the tire.
  2. Fatherof4

    Master Angler Console Door

    Hello All. I own a 96 Maverick Master Angler. The console door is original. It is the type that is black, and folds down. It can never stay shut. I would like to replace the entire thing with a new door that opens, and swings open, like, well, a door. Replace the frame, door and all. Anyone have any suggestions? Might be simplistic, but, want to screw out the original, and screw in a new one and be done with it. Thanks.
  3. Fatherof4

    Possible Structural Damage

    Well, an update. Took it to another, highly respected shop here in AL. They found no structural damage. It did have a lot of cracks underneath, including 2, running along each side, right where it would have "bounced" on the trailer stringers. There were no additional rollers, stringers for the keel. Long story short and $6000 later, they grinded out all cracks, filled and re-gelcoated the bottom. I also have some significant chunks taken out on the keel up front. Fixed all that, welded a broken spot on my poling platform, fixed my power pole, etc. Should be good to go. She looks fantastic. I love my 96 MA 18.5. Next, will run her for a yr, then would love to re-power. My original 96 Johnson 175 Faststrike runs great, but, LOVES fuel. Like 50 gal a day. Would also like for it to get rewired. So, on it goes. Glad to have her back.
  4. Fatherof4

    2019 Mercury 150 Four Stroke

    I have a 96 Maverick 18.5MA. Has the original Johnson fast strike on it...I assume it's a 20" shaft, but, not sure. Any idea? This motor come with anything else? Controls, etc?
  5. Fatherof4

    Possible Structural Damage

    Hello All. A few months ago, I purchased a 1996 Maverick MA 18 from a forum member. Really good guy. Well, I had the boat in the shop to fix some gelcoat. Was told by the fiberglass guy that the boat had "major structural damage". Apparently, there is a 4-6ft long crack, running length wise, under the boat. This is all his assessment was based on. I am taking to another boat place for another opinion. If it can be fixed, I would like to invest the money. I do love the boat, and I have taken it out 8-10 times, and am super impressed with the ride and it "feels" rock solid. Who knows. In the event, that the hull is not salvageable, what newer hull from Maverick is a "replacement" for the MA? I know they quit making them. But, love the ride, etc. Will not be poled. Fish waters from 2ft deep and on. Thoughts?
  6. Fatherof4

    What did you do to your boat today?

    While going to fish 2 weeks ago in Port St Joe, power tilt went out...so, now it's in the shop....
  7. Fatherof4

    96 MA 18ft - possible repower

    Thanks Triplec. My boat is at the shop now to get the tilt/trim fixed. The cost is whatever it is. I do not ever plan on selling mine. So, not worried about the cost of an additional motor. Mine does run extremely well, and it only has 560 original hours. It does love to drink gas. I guess the carb motors just do. No big deal. So, will prob keep the motor I have now until I just lose all faith in it. I hear a lot about leaking gas tanks...This is my first older boat in owning boats for 30 yrs. Any idea what I need to look out for? I don't smell gas....I do plan on getting the boat rewired in the next yr or so. Maybe have the carb's rebuilt. The idle is just rough and it will stall occasionally.
  8. Fatherof4

    96 MA 18ft - possible repower

    Hello All. A couple of months ago, I purchased a 96 MA 18.5. Came with a 96 Johnson 175 Fast strike. Has a 4 blade prop. It idles kinda rough, but, running, it purrs. This weekend the power tilt and trim went out. Understandable with a 23yo motor. And, it *** fuel. Somewhat considering a repower. I love the torque of the 2 stroke and not opposed to another 2 stroke. Have owned Yamaha 4-strokes for over 20 yrs, and still have one on my offshore boat. Looking for thoughts/recommendations. Would like to keep the weight the same, or less, if possible. Not opposed to buying a good used motor either.
  9. Fatherof4

    Sandy - Seat Cushions

    I am located in central AL, Montgomery, AL area. Really liked the quality Sandy does, but, open to suggestions.
  10. Fatherof4

    Sandy - Seat Cushions

    Wow. I have texted her. Twice. No reply. 6 months. Any other sources you all would recommend?
  11. Does anyone know if she still does the seat cushions? I found a phone # for her on an older thread. I have reached out to her regarding some new cushions, but haven't had any reply. If not, anyone else know of a place to get quality cushions? Thanks.
  12. Fatherof4

    Master Angler Seat Cushion

    I have a 96 Maverick MA 18.5. My seat cushion is in 2 parts for the hatches underneath. Will this still fit mine?
  13. Fatherof4

    Trim Tabs

    ok. THanks for the info. It's on a 96 Maverick MA 18.5. There is a little "shiny" metal sticking out. Will take it as normal. When I get a chance, will check and see if it is level with the bottom. Thoughts on 3 blade prop? What you all running?
  14. Fatherof4

    Trim Tabs

    Hello All. I have owned saltwater boats for over 30 years. Bought my first flats boat about a month ago. It is a 1996 Maverick Master Angler 18.5. It does have trim tabs on it. No idea on age, maybe original. They are electric. I have been going through everything, replacing all rocker switches, etc. I noticed the trim tabs are not recessing all the way back up. They leave a little (maybe 1/2-3/4") of the shaft extended. Is this normal? If not, ideas to fix? The control module? The tabs themselves? They do work, just don't retract all the way. Also, it has an original 1996 Johnson Fast Strike 175hp motor. Runs really well. Has 550 original hours. It came with a stainless 4-blade prop. Has some nicks, etc on it. Considering moving to a 3 blade. Only hits 5000 rpm wide open. No idea what the max rpm is. Do not fish super shallow. Use off AL coast and FL panhandle. Thanks for any suggestions.
  15. Fatherof4

    WTB - 8wt combo

    Looking for a good 8wt combo. Havent fly fished in 20 yrs. For trout, reds, Spanish, and maybe a bonefish, etc. I live in AL, and will use in AL coast and FL Panhandle. Not up to date on brands, etc. I would guess a faster tip, and a decent reel. Nothing top of the line, just a good quality that will last. Thanks. Welcome to text me if easier. 334 391 2880. Thanks.
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