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  1. Fatherof4

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    19 1/2” trout and my first pompano on fly. Fly tied and bought from MBG member. It did fantastic. Port St Joe. 5/30/21
  2. Fatherof4

    Port St Joe

    Still been fishing in the bay last couple weekends. Caught some trout around blacks island last weekend. Only a few keepers. Fished a couple days ago and found some decent trout on the cape side. All were keepers. Caught some on the fly rod. Caught some huge hard tails and skip jacks on the fly rod as well.
  3. Fatherof4


    Can you post more interior pics, and some from different angles...maybe some specs on it? Fuel capacity, etc...why selling...
  4. Fatherof4


    Man, I did NOT need to see this...and I'm only about 30-45 min from you....I've got a 18.5 Maverick...but, this is tempting...
  5. Fatherof4

    96 Master Angler 18 - water in Bilge

    oh wow...Wichway...great suggestion....I did have a buddy standing on the back of the boat alot, and I do as well...makes total sense...I will look into that...No idea what a check valve is, but, will look at that too..
  6. Fatherof4

    96 Master Angler 18 - water in Bilge

    Thanks for the suggestions. Will investigate them all. Not major, but annoying.
  7. Fatherof4

    Sunset at MA corral

    Nice. I'm keeping my camper at a campground between Apalach and St Joe. Fun. That time of evening, no-see-ums carried us off.
  8. Fatherof4

    Port St Joe

    Just an update. Fished St Joe this past Thursday, 5/13-5/15. Super windy while I was there. Rough trout fishing. Caught maybe 12-15 trout each day, but, had to work for them, and only 1-2 each day were keeper size. Did come across a massive school of Black drum in 2-ft of water. Caught 3. Each was right at 33", and I would guess, easily 30lb each. Fun on 10lb braid. There are really big spanish in the bay, if you can find them. Bay water is clearing up, and water temp is on the rise, just relentless wind. Never threw the flyrod. Used the spinners.
  9. Ok folks, I have commented a few times on my boat. As you might now, I've owned it for about 2 yrs. Bought it from a member here, really good guy, no hard feelings. I do love the boat, maybe more than any boat I have ever owned. I've owned offshore boats, bay boats, etc. Any way, since I have owned it, the bilge pump kicks on 3-5 times per day, while on the water. Each time, it runs, maybe 3-5 seconds. So, I would guess that's a quart or so of water each time. So, it's not a long, but, quite frankly, bugs the crap outa me. I am trying to track down the culprit. I have tightened th
  10. Fatherof4

    Looking to buy MA 18.5

    I have a 96 MA 18. I have a 150 on mine. Wouldn’t really want anything less. Might be underpowered.
  11. Fatherof4

    Sold 1998 Maverick Master Angler 18.5

    cjk - My son in law is interested. He sent you an email. He's not a member here so I am playing go-between. You are welcome to call/text him. He is serious and a cash buyer. His cell is 334 322 3512. His name is Mark. Thanks.
  12. Fatherof4

    1996 Maverick MA 18ft Value

    Thanks all for the thoughts....I was thinking that ...(1) all boat prices are so friggin outa control its crazy, and (2) that I am way upside down on mine, but, I was thinking in the 25-30k neighborhood.
  13. Fatherof4

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    Last week in Port St Joe. 23” trout plus some others. Was fun.
  14. Fatherof4

    Which Fly

    I have been working with a member here buying flies and got me to thinking. Although I've been fly fishing for over 20 yrs, I got away from it for 17-18 yrs, and have fallen in love with it again in the last year or so. I do a lot of speckled trout fishing in the FL Panhandle. Port St Joe area. Water is super clear, and grass flats. When I am fishing, mostly in 2-5 ft of water, I tend to gravitate to a clouser. The reason, is to get the fly down in the water column some. And, I have had some success. I do have some flies of different shapes, that do not have any weight, therefore, a
  15. Fatherof4

    New 4 stroke - boat rides stern heavy

    Just thought I would post again. Was in Port St joe for an entire week last week. Ran the boat a lot. Caught some fish, got in some wind, and over all, very happy with the F150sho. I have a whopping 18 hrs on it. I kept the 17P 4 blade prop. Love the ride, power and the much improved fuel economy. Did not put any gas in it all week. It does not ride QUITE like it did before, but, with a very slight tab adjustment, the ride is great. Really glad I made the change. As mentioned, I did put in sea dek in the floor only of the boat...not the casting deck...yet...one of the best thin
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