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  1. Bump - price reduction
  2. Bump - price reduction.
  3. Little bump for price drop - thinking this is a more realistic price point...
  4. SWFL21

    WTB: Master Angler 21

    Not sure if youre still on the hunt, but I have a 99' 21 MA that could use a bit of love. Would be a deal for the right buyer!
  5. Thank you for the words folks. Just did a pretty deep clean of the boat - new pictures coming up...
  6. Thats exactly what Im looking for, so thank you! Not trying to make it sound like something it isnt - It catches fish as-is, it could use some love!
  7. SWFL21

    Fair asking price for a 21' MA?

    Hey guys - I listed my 21 MA on here a little while ago, expected to see a lot more interest in it... Im not trying to scam anyone out of a trashed boat, I believe I listed and priced it fairly... Any opinions? Listed here -
  8. Honestly expected to see a lot more interest... Is this a fair asking price? I know it could use some work, but its still a great platform!
  9. Bump for a price reduction - 17,000 - heading off to work in a week or two and wont back in town till mid April. Id love to get her in the hands of someone that will use her!!
  10. No worries! Just updated it - my bad, not yours.
  11. Sorry, posted in the title but not in the description. 18,000
  12. New pictures - Trolling motor head was sanded & painted with black bed liner
  13. Greeting folks, The time has come to sell... New career has me away from home for long chunks of time, and I hope that someone can find good use of this boat instead of it sitting in the back yard. The good - Its a 21 MA... It takes chop like no other boat in its class 2000 Yamaha 225 ox66 vmax - 220ish hours on the gauges. Just had heads cleaned and gone through mechanically, runs like a top! Powertech OFX4 21" prop, gets up and goes in shallow water, WOT around 45-50kts trimmed out Bobs 6" hydraulic jackplate Lowrance HDS9 with sidescan transducer - can throw in S FL FMT chip for a discount. 4 JL MX770 speakers powered by a JL M600/4 amp, sounds GREAT! Promariner 3 bank battery charger 2 group 31 AGM trolling motor batteries 1 dual purpose lead battery Minn Kota 24v 80lb iPilot, seasoned but it still pulls hard and lasts all day. (will be painting the lower unit due to rust) Few years old Rocket aluminum double torsion axle trailer w/ 2 spares - new hubs a few months ago, trailer lights work. The bad - I bought it with the intention of using it to fish and eventually fixing it up It has some dings and small cracks (nothing structurally concerning with the stringers) and could use a new coat of paint The P/O had launched the boat with the trailer too deep in the water, combined with a bow roller that was too high, and started to lift the bow cap away from the hull - I may be crazy but it doesnt REALLY concern me... I know it needs to be fixed to be perfect, but I still fish it like nothing happened. - the issue with the trailer bow roller has been fixed. The battery compartment shelf/tub has separated itsself from the deck - hard to explain with word, but ill take some pictures. I imagine anyone competent with glass work will be able to fix this. The boat has bottom paint - I personally HATE the tri-tone look, but some people may like it?! Could use a new coat of bottom paint if you were planning on sticking with it. Essentials have been re-wired, but havent pulled out much of the old wiring... the livewells work as-is, so I dont want to mess with it too much! I put in a new fuse block when I did the amp, so nothing too sketchy. Aft livewell tub leaks into the bilge. Caught me off guard one day when there was quite a bit of water back there and the bilge pump died... bilge pump works great now, livewell still leaks. Its a 22 year old boat.... Has lots of potential for someone that wants to use it as-is for a while and fix it up as they go, or someone who wants a solid platform to do a full refurb. I love the thing, but I cant stand seeing it sit on dry land when I leave for work. Located in Naples, FL Come by and take a look Shoot me a text with any questions (239)910-1009 Asking 14,000
  14. SWFL21

    WTB MA 18.5 ~ 17

    Ive got a 21' MA that runs like a top, could use some aesthetic work. Few small dings, but is a fishing machine... 2 stroke ox66 though.
  15. bump for price reduction. Heading out of the state for a few months and wouldnt mind getting it off my hands.
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