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  1. Hmm... Was told today I couldn't mount another one on my 19 22TRS without removing the swim platform.
  2. Bcart

    2200 Performance Numbers

    You can... There's a dealer that probably sells more yamaha's than anyone in Florida and they run every one that way.
  3. Bcart

    Current build time

    Thats one of the best calls you can get.. I remember the anticipation and then she arrived. Congrats and enjoy!
  4. Bcart


    When I financed mine they didn't even ask how long I wanted the loan to be... came with 15 years (and I put down 20k). Kinda wish I would of said something and made the terms shorter but oh well... It will eventually get paid off. Financed through fifth third btw....
  5. Bcart

    Weblon or Hardtop

    I was all for the hard top... then i saw the price. I have a black t top with black weblon and honestly haven't regretted it. Only thing I want now is a half tower.
  6. Bcart

    22 TRS with Yamaha 150

    I'd definitely go with a 200-250 vmax... I have a 150 on my 22trs and pretty much instantly knew I made the wrong decision.. (was actually talked into it by my sales guy). At that time the 25" 200s weren't available and he said it would be another $10k for a 250.. so I'm here with a 150 that will soon to be traded in and going to take it... hard. I'm definitely a believer in yamaha quality though.... My motor has seen so many 5500-6000rpms trips for a LONG time. Poor girl has been beat and keeps asking for more.
  7. Bcart

    Kid Friendly Rails for 24 Pathfinder

    I have two small kids with a 22trs and not once have I thought it wasn't safe for them. Being cautious and paying attention to them is more important than the size of the boat... Every weekend I see a someone with a kayak/gheenoe/john boat.. whatever with kids. Pretty sure you"re good with a 24' bay boat....
  8. Bcart

    2400 vs 2500

    25 all day... bigger, stepped hull, flat front casting deck.
  9. Bcart

    25 Hybrid 300 yami prop

    Was the thread about 300s or 350s?
  10. Bcart

    Pathfinder T-Top pictures

    I have a factory flat black powder coated top.. The boat is only 6 or 7 months old but so far its doing well.
  11. Bcart

    Twin power poles on 2200 TE

    That’s what I hate. Getting in a spot you want and the whole boat turns around.
  12. Bcart

    2018 Yamaha F150

    What boat did this come off and what were the performance numbers? Curious about that prop...
  13. Bcart

    Twin power poles on 2200 TE

    Weird... I spoke with the mechanic who has tightened it last time and he said this is a common issue. These poles should be sold in a set... Having one just doesn't do the job.
  14. Bcart

    Twin power poles on 2200 TE

    I'm in the same boat.. IMO mounting to the transom shouldn't even be an option. I'm kicking myself in the *** for letting my salesman talk me into it. Mine has come loose now for the fourth time in less than a year.
  15. Bcart

    Boat Covers

    I wanna say around $1,200.
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