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  1. Flyin4reds

    Sandy at Sorite

    Do you have contact info for Sandy if she is still in business? thanks
  2. Flyin4reds

    HPX Cushions

    What year?
  3. Flyin4reds

    FS: Tibor Back Country Fly Reel

    Still available?
  4. Flyin4reds

    WTB Mirage II, or early HP/HPX

    Good luck, I will keep an eye out. It took me 6 months and practically prying the older HPX out of his garage. If I could find the right deal on a 2013 HPX-V II, I would entertain the idea of selling mine. These boats are hard to come by.
  5. Flyin4reds

    Sold - 2005 Mirage HPX for sale

    When can I come see it? I am in Orlando with cash. Call or text 407-488-2247 Rob
  6. Flyin4reds

    2007 Maverick Mirage HPX

    Sell it?
  7. Flyin4reds

    Sold - 2005 Mirage HPX for sale

    Still available? Location?
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