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  1. Deere Dan

    Newbie saying hello

    Welcome and great looking RF16! Amazing little boat that amazes me what it can do. Enjoy!
  2. Deere Dan

    Newbie saying hello

    Congratulations! Great boat and it will amaze you!
  3. Little video I made from 37mph (old 90hp speed) to 50mph with the 115 SHO. Talon SS 19 13 1/8 prop. DD99FBF2-91AD-492B-8354-0AD2B51FFB43.MOV
  4. Deere Dan

    2008 poling platform

    Did you find one? I have one for sale off my 04 RF 16.
  5. Deere Dan

    2003 16’ Redfisher repower

    You will love the SHO115! Are you running a jackplate? If not, check out the Talon SS 19. I attached the prop test log for reference. I am highly impressed with the engine/prop. The Yamaha promotion is what sold me also. Nice to get the $$ off and 6 year warranty. I have a 2004 RF16 with 2 batteries under the center console seat and house in the back starboard area. Trolling motor and anchor up front. Boat will run great once up in plane with no tabs and motor trimmed up 50%. Just a awesome engine. When you punch it going 20ish the acceleration is awesome! Remember time to plane below is with no trim tabs. As you know this hull needs trim tabs :-) 3 seconds or under with them.
  6. Deere Dan

    Re-power my 2006 Redfisher 16 ( with pics now)

    No jack plate on my boat. I went with the SS Talon 19 and it is awesome. 3 seconds to plane using tabs in full down. 5 seconds no tabs at all. Boat turns so much better than with the old 90 2-stroke. Don’t get prop blow out hardly at all unless trimmed up past 40%. Couldn’t be happier. 2 people and fishing gear 49mph. Haven’t been solo but dealer got 51 at WOT with single person.
  7. This thread really helped with prop selection for my 2004 RF16 115 SHO repower. Feel like I got the best all around prop right out of the box! Thanks to everyone for the data and details. Boat runs and handles even better than the 90 2-stroke it had on it! SS Talon 19 is awesome!
  8. Deere Dan

    In search of a Poling Platform

    Hello, did you find the poling platform yet? If not, I am removing mine next week. I have a 2004 RF 16 with original poling platform. I had it cut to fold also. Dan
  9. Deere Dan

    Re-power my 2006 Redfisher 16 ( with pics now)

    Hello, what prop did you end up with? I have a 115 SHO on order now for my 2004 RF16 and would appreciate the advice. Have you been happy with the performance? Thank you, Dan
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