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  1. Peter

    Porpoising Redfisher

    Having the same issue with my 2006 Redfisher with Yamaha 150 4 stroke anytime the fuel goes below half. I am currently running a Yamaha Reliance prop 19m 13 3/4 with okay performance. What Powertech OFX4 pitch should I buy?
  2. Peter

    Showing age

    Gotta love that Woodys Wax
  3. I am looking for replacement cushions for the forward console seat on a 2006 18 Redfisher.
  4. Peter

    Custom Wrap

    Has anyone done a custom wrap for a RF 18? I fish north in the summer and south in the winter so I’m thing a cow stripper and a bull redfish. Any recommendations on who can pull this off for me.
  5. Peter


    I don’t know, Post a picture of her at 50 mph and then we can decide.
  6. Peter

    2017 Cobia 277 for sale

    Will she pole in 9” of water?
  7. Peter

    18 RF

    Steve I have nothing to trade but cash if you are interested in selling outright. Peter
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