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  1. George Seither

    Garmin Sat Imagery Chart Options

    I Understand thanks for the advise.
  2. George Seither

    Garmin Sat Imagery Chart Options

    I'm a Lowrance user as well, it's all I have ever used but not a FMT user or better said not a LMT user just yet, I do use the Standard Mapping software and it works well for the area I'm in, It's also definitely obvious that Garmin and Standard Mapping have partnered up for Sat Imagery for the Garmin Products. How do Garmin customers take to it remains to be seen.
  3. George Seither

    Garmin Sat Imagery Chart Options

    Not FMT and by no means doing a comparison to FMT but sat imagery that looks like an option for Garmin users, from what I saw still has a few issues but I believe they are working the issues, when will Garmin work out the issues is the million dollar question, I did actually played with it on a 10" Garmin Monitor and it did run with some very reasonable resolution and looked very useable IMO. Some opinions will differ.
  4. George Seither

    Garmin Sat Imagery Chart Options

  5. George Seither

    Mapping Cards

    Elite Ti or greater, Hook line no same for the Simrad Cruise it's a no as well, Run 2 Elite Ti, so far so good like DC stated they work very well, there's a number of treads on the subject
  6. George Seither

    Braided Line Questions

    Use PP 30 lb on spinning rods and still old school 15 lb Trilene Big Game the Calcutta's and bait casters Fluorocarbon leaders, reel maintenance and care as mentioned above by DC
  7. George Seither

    Garmin Sat Imagery Chart Options

    Update on visit to play with the Imagery software and look at a second Lowrance Elite TI2 for the 2300, first in discussions with the vendor visited everything I saw was due to the way Garmin processes the data and overlays the information and images, the updating of the Imagery overlay while scrolling the touch screen is slow to update in some cases if you scroll full screen the Garmin takes a while to catch up like 5 to 10 seconds it's the way it is ITWII ( It's The Way It Is). magnifications played with zoom .8 Mile, .5 Mile, .2 Mile, .1 Mile .1 mile look the best if you start to over zoom it fuzzes up more zoom more fuzziness ITWII. On the land overlays of the imagery all appear reddish and white and another of the way Garmin Displays the images ITWII. JPG 05 Chatham River View at .5Mile with some routs. JPG 906 Keys view at .2Mile. JPG 907 Everglades Waterway view at .1 Mile. JPG 908 Everglades Waterway at .8 mile. Garmin is assisting in correcting some of the issues seen, how fast and when I can't answer that and I am a Lowrance User. Apparently the way Garmin and Lowrance process and display information are way way different. Also caution should be used if considering this, call Garmin first software compatibility issues with older units some 3 years and older. In being reasonable IMO in the initial development they have some obstacles they are working and need to overcome. As requested by the Mod. it will remain civil. Seeing is believing enjoy.
  8. George Seither

    Forum banded words

  9. George Seither

    Anyone go from Power Pole to Talon?

    That's what I suspected bracket flexing and coating crack allowing salt water in exactly what you stated above, possible this part should have had a rubberized coating being the most exposed to the flexing and water
  10. George Seither

    WTB: Yamaha 90 Two Stroke

    The two I had run gave great service 2006 175 Saltwater , 96 Johnson 150 Ocean Runner, the 175E-Tech had one repair while I owned it Injector failed I believe 2016. but did find this on Louisiana Sportsman may be worth calling to check out, looks like a 2001 90 Yamaha that's been rebuilt, I'm also hearing good things on the Mercury's. https://app.louisianasportsman.com/lpca/index.php?section=classifieds&event=view&action=single_ad&id=918688
  11. George Seither

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    You'll be one happy fisherman once closed up! Looks great
  12. George Seither

    Redfish Clinic

    Who got the flounder? Good trade for the deer
  13. Great truck view an nice yellow mouth trout, sounds like a good trip to me.
  14. DC, After the Capt COTO and Dino adventure I definitely look forward to this adventure on the trials and tribulation of the trip. 😊 Great reads. I have personally in the excitement and exuberance of setting the hook taken a bath or two.
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