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  1. I don’t Remember exactly, but I believe it’s around 2 years old. I bought it new.
  2. The head unit works perfect and is in excellent condition. Always kept indoors when not in use. I ran Florida Marine Tracks with it with no issues and worked great. I also used it as an auto pilot for my motorguide xi5 and for my power pole. It comes with all new cables, mounting hardware and transducer that was from my new head unit that switched out. It’s a 9” screen that fit perfect with my 18.5 master angler. The white specks in photo is just dust from the packing materials. $700 for everything.
  3. makomark

    Ultimate trolling motor set-up for MA 18.5

    I ended up getting the Motor Guide xi5 and are pretty happy with it. Spot lock works perfect. I’m thinking of pairing it with my lowrance by running a NMEA cable from the trolling motor to the lowrance head unit. Question I have is their a way of running it through the anchor locker back through the transom or is this blocked off? Any other suggestions on how to route it would be appreciated.
  4. My SUV blew an engine and looking to see how small I can go to pull my MA 18.5. What SUV are you using. I know the big boys will work, I want to know how small you are going and how are they performing for your boat size.
  5. makomark

    Maverick seat cushion

    I had to do a replacement MA bench seat exactly like the one Sandy did for me. I didn't want to wait for Sandy so I had Gator Upholstery in Oakland Park, FL do an exact replacement for $250. Only thing is that you have to go there in person if your in the ft. lauderdale area.
  6. makomark

    FS 2005 Maverick MA 18.5’

    Try to contact the seller through this link by PM him. It also shows photos. https://www.thehulltruth.com/boats-sale-wanted/1145456-2005-maverick-master-angler-18-5-f150.html
  7. 2016 model 60” lightly used with all the accessories. Always kept indoors when not in use. $1000 obo
  8. makomark

    Ultimate trolling motor set-up for MA 18.5

    I promise to post a better photo of it, but then again I don’t have many pics of my kids either. Although I am including a beautiful photo of my wife to make up for it.
  9. I'm looking to re-do my older trolling motor set-up on my 2006 MA 18.5. I am thinking of the 60" Minn Kota Ulterra 24V. I'm thinking the auto deploy is the way to go. Can anyone give me advice on this or any others to consider, is the best set-up, and what batteries are recommended.
  10. makomark

    Islamorada Hump

    Like Capt. Troy said the currents are more of the issue. You can get standing waves even on a calm day that could swamp your boat if you are not careful.
  11. makomark

    Water in the bilge

    Any way to check them on the trailer out of the water?
  12. makomark

    Water in the bilge

    I seem to be getting a decent amount of water in the bilge. Doesn’t look like it leaking at the plug. Are the side drains a spot known to leak? Still need to look at all the plumbing for pump leaks. I posted a pic of the side scuppers.
  13. Yes fish Flamingo and Chock.
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