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  1. NLW352

    New to the HPX-T family

    Dont sell it short! She's an '08!
  2. NLW352

    Adding a jackplate to 18' HPX-V?

    i just purchased an 18 hpx (2011) with an atlas plate. running a 21p 4blade prop, im seeing 42-43ish (2010 yamaha f115). This boat does not like plates.....I can get maybe 1.5'" of lift before losing too much water pressure. It is however, super nice to idle flats without trimming the motor way out, you can also get on step a little shallower as well. I used to run an HPXT and was accustom to running very shallow and using a plate often, this has been a tough adjustment for me with 2x the boat and 2x the motor. If you add a jack plate, you will want a low water pick up, that will be my next ad
  3. NLW352

    2008 Maverick HPXT

    SOLD 1/23/20
  4. NLW352

    2008 Maverick HPXT

    Sale pending 1/13/2020
  5. NLW352

    2008 Maverick HPXT

    UPDATE: -The new powerpole pump was installed this weekend and functions as it should. -Upon detailing the skiff, i found areas on the bottom of the hull where the original trailer bunks (Mcclain) rubbed off the paint and gel coat. I took the boat to Tom Gordon and had these repaired and color matched, this was done the week of 1/6/20. Price remains the same. $27.5K
  6. NLW352

    2008 Maverick HPXT

    Thank you, no better time for 2 boats than now! Haha
  7. NLW352

    2008 Maverick HPXT

    Thank you for the compliment, it has been an outstanding skiff.
  8. NLW352

    2008 Maverick HPXT

    2008 Maverick HPXT 2018 Suzuki DF60AV (Warranty through March 2023) ±150Hours Jack Foreman 3 Blade Prop Bobs Machine Jack Plate 2019 Ameratrail drylaunch trailer with spare wheel & hub (never dunked) 2018 Minnkota Co-pilot Trolling motor and charging system rigged by Skiff Shop Custom Casting Platform Raymarine Hybrid Touch 9” with Navionics Card New Seastar Hydraulic Ram 2019 I sent off the power pole pump to be re-built, boat will come with re-built pump. NO PUSH POLE CLEAN TITLE ON BOAT AND TRAILER Located in Gainesville,
  9. NLW352

    HPXT fuel line

    Has anyone replace their fuel line in an HPXT from the tank to the F/W separator? I have removed the old line in suspicion of a small leak, and there was a small pin hole , having a brutal time trying to pull the new line through. There was already a rigging line fed through the route from the factory. I cannot get the line past the front bulk head. Any insight on this would be great. Thanks.
  10. NLW352

    Spray rail and prop for sale

    Trade for local artwork?
  11. NLW352

    2018 AmeraTrail for HPXT

    PM sent
  12. I have a 2 month old AmeraTrail that I ordered for my HPXT, it was clipped by another trailer in a parking lot while I was on the water. Ameratrail quoted roughly $600 in parts to get it back to new. I am having another trailer built, so I am willing to let this one go. This trailer is built specifically for the HPXT. My skiff is still on this trailer and i have been using it regularly since the accident, zero alignment or towing issues so far (roughly 500 miles of towing). If you are interested message me and I will send photos and price. Located in Gainesville, FL
  13. NLW352

    2008 MCclain Aluminum Trailer

    Gainesville, Florida
  14. 2008 McClain Aluminum I-Beam Trailer Torsion Axle LED pipe lIghts New radial tires Vault brand hubs http://www.heritagetrailers.com/products/features/vault-hubs Skiff is no longer on trailer, i can send more detailed photos upon request. Skiff is not for sale. Ditch your galvanized trailer for one that wont rust. $1,100 O.B.O. Motivated seller.
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